On 21st October 2018, SIX joined SHAPE APAC 2018: Green Evolution and Sustainable Lifestyle by Global Shapers Bangkok. This event facilitated the first live event adoption of SIX's crypto payment launch.

SIX network and Global Shapers share similar goals in confronting global challenges. Through their global network and technology, they believe in crafting and designing the future of society.

Global Shapers is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Held annually, SHAPE is a regional conference to gather potential leaders from various industries across the globe. The Global Shapers Community has more than 7,000 members, which spans across 378 city-based hubs in 170 countries.

During the event, SIX had the opportunity to host talk sessions. Watcharapong Photaneenon, Operation Lead shared about the origin of the company and the impact of SIX’s team members' meaningful work in reinventing the digital economy in the creative industry. Ultimately, they aim to benefit Global Shaper members around the world.

SIX participated in LAST Night: A Fun-raising Party for the World’s Endangered Species and Natural Zones. Over 500 guests from more than 40 countries attended the event. They adopted the cryptocurrency by downloading SIX wallet and spending SIX tokens on food and drinks at the party at Lhong 1919.

This first event to accept SIX as a form of payment managed to raise over 85,000 Thai Baht for the Last of Ours project. (A project aimed at creating social value through crypto-collectibles that would each represent threatened animals.) http://lastofours.io/

We’re extremely excited to host this event, and with the support of SIX, to show our attendees how far blockchain technology has come. We were eager to show them how easy to use the wallet was, and how fast transactions can happen. Rather than just listen to talks, it is wonderful to have them experience it in a real-life setting.

— Arch Wongchindawest, Former Curator of Global Shaper Bangkok.

SIX successfully achieved their first crypto payment adoption through this live event and gave a decentralized market experience designed to empower individuals including the Global Shapers, who are all looking forward to expand their previous impact on their local communities around the world.


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