A look at Asia Pacific’s Co working business solutions

As we move further into 2018 there are definite signs, trends, and directions that the coworking movement is progressing towards throughout the Asian Pacific region. A detailed report has been compiled by 'Cushman & Wakefield research publication. Techsauce takes a look at the key topics covered. Going corporate     There is a slow growth in traditional…... read more

Singtel Group first to interconnect telco mobile wallets for seamless cross-border payments

The Singtel Group today announced plans to interconnect mobile wallets across different ecosystems through an interoperable platform. As a start, the Group plans to first link the mobile wallets of Singtel and its regional associates, with the first commercial launch between Singtel and AIS. This will be the first time that different mobile wallets across…... read more

A TechSauce Series: Dynamics of the Thai Ecosystem with Venture Capitalists

With the rise of digital ecosystems, successfully building strong infrastructures playing a vital role in today's tech startup field, such as Silicon Valley, looking at what it takes to build strong foundations for a desirable marketplace while recreating the structure in these emerging frontier markets is the key to progressing South-East Asian countries. The Defining Characteristics…... read more

Sansiri launched Home Service Application 2018, developed by Siri Ventures for its residents

Sansiri launched Home Service Application 2018, an upgraded version of mobile application for its residents developed by Siri Ventures. With ambition to be all-in-one app that can be easily used as a remote control to complete user’s everyday living experience, Home Service 2018 runs on world's leading cloud computing platform offered by Amazon AWS, Microsoft…... read more

Concerted effort of 14 Thai banks to develop the first Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative

The Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative is pushed forward by 14 Thai banks, in cooperation with 3 state enterprises and 4 large business corporations. With an aim to upgrade the business efficiency and competitiveness by adopting blockchain technology, this initiative will be initially implemented with Thailand’s first project of blockchain-based letters of guarantee (LGs), fully integrating…... read more