Mu Space, SES Networks and Hughes to provide broadband access to rural Thailand

Mu Space Corp has today reached an agreement with the global telecommunication service providers SES Networks and Hughes to provide broadband access via satellite to rural areas in Thailand.

We believe the recent partnership is an important step for us to support the Thai government implement their broadband connectivity project in rural areas and to ensure all Thais have reliable access to the Internet. (Mu Space Corp)

Mu Space Corp has had several Company Milestones. In  November 2017, made a partnership agreement with CAT Telecom for the rental of satellite ground station.

In October 2017, the company received a 15-year license to offer satellite services in Thailand
while signing an agreement with the True Internet and True Move H to support Thailand’s rural
connectivity project.

 In September 2017, Mu Space Corp made a partnership agreement with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency to develop Thailand’s Digital Park project and IoT institute.

The company also signed an agreement with Blue Origin to launch a communication satellite into space 2021 using the New Glenn rocket.

The local government in Thailand has launched several initiatives, including a National Broadband Policy. A new economic model ‘Thailand 4.0‘ has emerged with goals to increase broadband penetration to 95% of the Thai Population by 2020 and to transform the country into an innovation-driven economy.

However, despite these policy gains, only 12% or about 8.3 million of the country’s 69 million population currently has access to broadband, according to the country’s telecom industry database.

‘CEO of MuSpaceCorp – James Yenbamroong’

Mu Space was founded in September 2017 by a 33-year old space enthusiast and entrepreneur, James Yenbamroong.

Our founder’s and the company’s vision is to provide nationwide, satellite-based solutions to connect people to broadband to help improve the quality of life,  particularly in rural areas. This will help to transform Thailand’s communities and give a greater percentage of access to broadband, strengthening the connection, the ecosystem, and society as a whole.

In the Next Five Years (2018-2022) for the following five years, the company will launch a communication satellite for Asia-Pacific and Africa, support Thailand to develop the country’s Digital Park and develop a space travel program for Asia-Pacific with the support of local and foreign manufacturers with relevant technological agencies.

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