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Techsauce’s Pivotal Role in Thailand’s Startup Ecosystem

Since the early stages of Thailand’s tech and startup scene in 2012, the founders of Techsauce have always had the belief in the kingdom’s potential to make its mark on the global stage that is full of big players by serving as a hub for startups and tech conferences to connect Asia with the rest of the world.

Over the years Techsauce has become a household name both in Thailand and abroad as a media player. has been designed and developed for readers of all ages and sexes. The website’s content has been shared by both Thai and international news media outlets as a reliable source of information on the region’s ecosystem.

It can be said that we are one of the main media players that have an important role in building Thailand’s startup ecosystem. From our early beginnings we are now recognized within the startup technology industry both within Thailand and overseas. We have gained a massive following on our Facebook pages techsauceTH and techsauce Global. In addition to this, we have also expanded our media onto other digital platforms such as Twitter, LINE, and TikTok, with the intention to continuously develop and seek new solutions so that we can share quality content to the world.

Techsauce is therefore a proud content creator for the tech industry and business industries in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We are also proud of being the first tech conference organizer in Thailand and being one of the Thai digital platforms that is internationally recognized for the quality of our creative content that is in the form of knowledge sharing. This allows us to share insights on technology and business.

Techsauce Successfully Supports Thailand’s Position within the Global Tech Ecosystem

The key factor that sets Techsauce apart from other media outlets is we are known for hosting the biggest international tech conferences in Thailand. The following is why our conference has been named, “Asia’s Hottest Tech Conference in Thailand”.

Techsauce has also been one of the first to rise up against the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting a virtual summit in 2020 that was packed with content that was up to date and relevant to the ongoing situation. It was just as spectacular as the physical annual conference.

  • Techsauce Summit 2016
  • Techsauce Global Summit 2017
  • Techsauce Global Summit 2018
  • Techsauce Global Summit 2019
  • Techsauce Global Summit 2020
  • Techsauce Global Summit: Special Edition 2020

Techsauce Collaborating with Regional Partners to Create a Global Ecosystem

In addition to the annual global summit in Bangkok, we have also been committed to expanding our brand to the rest of the world by collaborating with foreign partners to host tech conferences with content that is relevant to the country of where it is being hosted. These conferences uphold the quality standards of the Techsauce brand.

Recently in 2020, we collaborated with START Malaysia to host BaseConf2020, which was the biggest regional tech conference at Iskandar Malaysia, an economic corridor located in Johor Bahru. This conference was well received by local and international entrepreneurs who joined the event. The event increased opportunities for everyone to expand their businesses within the Southeast Asian market.

Types of Content Created by Techsauce


Techsauce provides international business news that covers Thailand along with the Southeast Asian region.


This is quality content from leading writers and followers at Techsauce that is beneficial to the business and tech world. This includes in-depth analysis on important issues in Thailand, Southeast Asia, and other regions.


This section includes insights from the top management of leading organizations in Thailand and overseas. Covering all industries, this exclusive content comes in the two forms of “The Executive” and “Special Guest”. The Executive series are exclusive interviews with executives. Meanwhile the Special Guest series expands your knowledge with real-life experiences and case studies from executives.


This section presents corporate innovation in terms of concepts, methods, outcomes, and case studies. It covers the core issues of strategy direction, business models, and culture that drive businesses forward to become true innovative organizations. In addition to this, there is content on sustainable development goals which are embedded in the innovation process of becoming a sustainable business.


This section combines analysis and opinions of experts from various fields. These articles cover issues in the fields of technology, business, and economics. This includes useful skills that businesses need to prepare for the highly uncertain future world.


Techsauce Knowledge Sharing is a section for Techsauce followers to make good exchanges of ideas, technology, and other things relating to the world of business and technology. The aim is to be a platform to support the spread of good things for our society. Those interested can submit your information for membership here.

What Services Does Techsauce Currently Offer?


In-depth articles on products and services of various companies. Our team has knowledge and expertise in the technology and innovation business. We are therefore able to create high value content from your companies’ strong points. These stories will then be distributed throughout our channels that are well known among social and business groups.

The Techsauce team consists of experienced writers from various fields along with editors who are both marketers and social media experts. They support the production team to deliver desired results.


Video is another option for presenting content in an audio visual format that is able to reach a large audience. Our team is able to shoot and edit content so that it is easy to understand. This could be in the forms of interviews with executives or video clips presenting news and issues in society.


Another channel that presents news on a daily basis that is easy for the audience to understand is our podcast channel, which includes two main shows. “The Techsauce Podcast” discusses everything about Tech & Biz while “Exec Insight” delves into the vision and thinking processes of corporate executives, along with the strategies in building strong brands in the new era.

Job Board Service

This is a service for tech companies who are looking to recruit new talent in their fields. Techsauce provides a platform for them to find qualified employees directly on the “Job Board” page of our website

Accelerator Program

Techsauce has been one of the pioneers in building Thailand’s startup ecosystem and has been behind the success of many accelerator programs in the country. Therefore we are ready to be the bridge to connect Thai startups with fundraising so that they can elevate themselves onto the global market.

We have collaborated with the government and the Digital Economy Promotion Agency to organize accelerators and hackathons for the depa accelerator program’s batch 1 and batch 2. Together we worked to support the programs with PR, marketing, consultation, and judging panels.

Video on Demand

This is a new service that came about from requests from followers of the Techsauce Global Summit. In response to the massive requests for access to speakers from our world class summit, we have uploaded video clips of various interesting sessions dating back to 2018 for our audience to watch.

LIVE Series

A new series that has gained much popularity is our LIVE series that feature executives and professionals from various business circles who speak live online about the latest interesting issues in society. The series presents creative and inspiring ideas for our followers in real time.

Event Management and Consulting

With our vast experience, the Techsauce team is ready to offer services to enhance events for organizations that are searching for solutions to host virtual events in the new era. Our main services consist of: 1. Organizing. 2. Curating content and speakers. 3. Content marketing along with distribution channels through Techsauce.

Techsauce, a Main Driver Behind Thai Startups Scaling to the Global Stage

The Techsauce team is dedicated to creating all of the mentioned content and services to provide the best experience for our followers. In addition to providing technology and business news, Techsauce aims to create a learning society and support the growth of the Thai startup ecosystem at a global scale. Techsauce is ready to be the bridge to connect everyone, from startups to VCs and corporates. Techsauce will continue to be the trusted partner for organizations for the years to come.