Identifying and resolving the challenges and concerns faced by EB- 5 clients in Vietnam, Singapore & South East Asia

  "Immigration law affords me the unique and exciting opportunity to bring fellow global citizens together—to enhance the world economy, promote cultural understanding of one another and shape our world for the better." - Chad Ellsworth Techsauce recently had the pleasure of being in the presence of Chad Ellsworth at the investment immigration summit in…... read more

Singapore: updates on the global investor program from this year’s investment immigration Summit in Bangkok

The Lead Consultant at Emego Migration Consulting Singapore, Gordon Chin, gave a very open and informative update on their 'Global Investment Program' through an interesting speech. GIP is a global investment pathway to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore. For Thai tech startups or people who want to expand corporately into the exclusive arena of Singapore, the…... read more

Myanmar startup Technoholic wins place in Techsauce Global Summit final pitching stage

Techsauce Global Summit roadshow x Mekhong Startup Ecosystem Summit 2.0 on March 23-25, 2017 Myanmar startup Technoholic - a local start-up and tech solutions provider - has won a place in the final pitching contest at Techsauce Global Summit 2017. Near the end of March 2017, Techsauce Global Summit roadshow collaborated with Mekhong Startup Ecosystem Summit 2.0…... read more

How Startups Can Overcome Challenges in Myanmar

In our previous post, we outlined some of the challenges that Myanmar has in the coming years ahead. Just like any other country, these challenges will take time, patience, and cooperation from all stakeholders. However, what should entrepreneurs with an idea do in the meantime? Should they wait for improvements in internet or traffic? Should they wait to see how their idea or something similar plays out in other markets over the next year?... read more