Mitr Phol Group supports Bio-Based startups, driving Thailand’s agricultural industry through innovation

When startup trends began in Thailand around five years ago, most of the startups were tech and mobile operators. It took a few years after that for more clearly defined industries to enter the game, with startups in PropTech and FinTech following suit. Even though these new industries met with good response, they still face…... read more

79 Tech Ecosystem Builders in Asia that you should know – Tech Idols Awards 2017

There's some individuals who have made huge difference in the tech industry - without these influencers, Asia's startup ecosystem wouldn't be what it is today. Some are co-founders, others coworking space owners. Still others are community builders, ecosystem builders, angels, seed investors, VCs, CVCs or media. Plenty of these individuals may even hold multiple roles at once - but…... read more

Thailand’s largest startup conference went from zero to 3500 attendees in less than 5 years [INFOGRAPHIC]

How did Thailand's largest tech startup conference experience such phenomenal growth within just 5 years? Not everyone knows that one of Southeast Asia's largest-scale tech startup conferences is now being hosted annually in Bangkok, Thailand - in part because the conference is just five years old. This year - after rebranding as Techsauce Global Summit 2017 and SEA's first ever global-scale tech conference, the event is now targeting over 6000 participants.... read more

An open letter from Techsauce about why we’re not giving away free conference tickets this year

Greetings to all conference-goers & would-be conference-goers! Summer has arrived, and with it, tech conference season. You're probably already aware that from now on until the end of July, there’s a whole sequence of high-power tech conferences occurring throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia - culminating in our very own Techsauce Global Summit on July 28-29, 2017 at Bangkok’s Centara Grand Convention Centre.... read more