TechSauce Global Summit’s impact on Thailand’s Ecosystem

  With tickets going on sale for the TechSauce global summit, June 2018, we look at what global summits can do for the economy and ecosystem as a whole, in particular for South East Asia and Thailand.  “Where the future goes to be born”  The Techsauce global summit is a chance for industry leaders, startups,…... read more

Pitching your Tech Startup: A Silicon Valley Founder’s perspective

As Thai tech startups looking to make their mark on the industry, and the global platform, can be daunting to pitch your idea to a panel of potential Investors that could turn your startup into the real deal. A Silicon Valley expert gives insight into what a successful pitch should entail and how to turn your idea…... read more

Thai Tech Startups and foreign investors: A crucial partnership

As Thailand, ASEAN and Southeast Asia as a whole strengthen while providing a hotbed of talent in terms of technology, now is a great time for foreign investors to capitalize and fund these promising businesses. The landscape for investors is increasingly inviting with a steady backbone and stream of tourism with the last statistic sitting…... read more

Do You Have What It Takes? 8 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Who Successfully Exit, Grow or Scale

Every time she opens her mouth to speak, Michelle Duval has some very profound things to say about success & failure and the human side of entrepreneurship. As the founder & CEO of Fingerprint for Success, a cutting-edge profiling system that assesses motivations and attitudes based on over 20 years of research, Michelle can tell you…... read more