Crowdo Unveils Crowdo ACE, Region’s First Artificial Intelligence based Due Diligence System for P2P Loans

SINGAPORE, 15 November 2017: Crowdo (, South East Asia’s leading online marketplace for lending (P2P lending) and investments (Crowdfunding) unveiled today its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven due diligence system, Crowdo ACE, aimed at benefiting both their borrowers and investors. Crowdo ACE takes into account a few thousand unconventional and alternative attributes and represents a…... read more

Discussing Jungle innovations with Neal Cross from this year’s FinTech Festival

At this year's Fintech Festival Neal Cross, head of DBS shared with us about his mission to save Orangutans in the Sumatran rainforest. Through his journey of 'Jungle Innovation', Neal identifies lessons that were instrumental in accomplishing the building of a social enterprise - 'Hotel Orangutan' in the remote Jungle of Sumatran. He implements innovation…... read more