An Exclusive Interview with Aurélie Salvaire, French social entrepreneur: Bringing balance between the genders.

Aureli Salvarie: BALANCE THE WORLD. Tactics to help you launch a gender revolution. This is a feminist guide for millennials. Let’s shift the balance together. For two years, Aurélie gathered research on the best tactics used by the social entrepreneurs and activists around the world to bring more balance between the genders. This book is a very practical guide,…... read more

An innovative Startup: How Wishbeer raised 10M THB through FB ads

TechSauce recently sat down with the CEO of Wishbeer, Jerome to pick his brains about how his company ran a successful crowdfunding facebook ad campaign, raising 10M THB. Tell us a bit about Wishbeer... Wishbeer will be 5 years old this February, which started as an e-commerce site delivering beer around Thailand. After two years…... read more

CONVERGENCE ASIA 2018 revolutionised event coming to Thailand in 2018

  The Convergence of Technologies Asia 2018, which has been located across Asia is coming to Thailand. From the 17th - 19th of January, Bangkok will see a public - venturing technology event, bringing together regional business and brands with a high-quality reputation for connected Manufacturing, Digital Automation, Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Factory…... read more

Introducing Digital Park Thailand: A Hub of innovation

As the eastern economic corridor looks to strengthen global ties, Thailand has developed its very own Digital Park in the heart of the EEC. Digital Park Thailand is a new economic cluster, strategically located on the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), aiming to be the destination for global digital ventures. Surrounded by a regional logistics hub, strength…... read more

Panel discussion: The Art of Trading and Investing in a worthwhile ICO

  Last month at the Blockchain World Conference here in Bangkok, a panel of CEOs from the industry discussed the opportunities and differences, between trading/ investing and outlined the opportunities that come along with investing in lucrative ICO's. On Facebook there are daily ICO's enticing you to invest, up to 50 - 60 ICO's are…... read more