Identifying and resolving the challenges and concerns faced by EB- 5 clients in Vietnam, Singapore & South East Asia

  "Immigration law affords me the unique and exciting opportunity to bring fellow global citizens together—to enhance the world economy, promote cultural understanding of one another and shape our world for the better." - Chad Ellsworth Techsauce recently had the pleasure of being in the presence of Chad Ellsworth at the investment immigration summit in…... read more

Blockchain: Japanese VC global Brain to launch blockchain arm

One of the key players in the Blockchain field, Japan's Global Brain Corporation has decided and publicly announced the creation of a new sector named GB blockchain Labs Corporation (GBBL), which will increase its contribution to the blockchain ecosystem as well as implementing the technology across industries and countries. Founded in 1998, Global Brain is…... read more

Japan roadshow in a nutshell: Pocket Concierge wins, SEA expansion tips from Omise and Arcterus

Two weeks ago, Techsauce's Global Summit Roadshow hit Japan on March 18th at Startup Hub Tokyo when Japanese startups, corporates, and media came together to experience a taste of what is to come as Thailand's largest startup event brought its roadshow to Japan. The evening culminated with the special "Techsauce Global Summit" roadshow pitching competition that is being held in a total of 6 cities leading up to the grand finale in Bangkok on July 28-29 of this year.... read more

Join Techsauce’s startup pitching in Tokyo to learn about SEA’s opportunities & get you ready for the global summit finale

The ”Techsauce Roadshow in Japan" will be held on March 18 at Startup Hub Tokyo. This is an event where you can meet startups, corporates and media from Southeast Asia. One of the sessions includes "How Japanese Startups Can Expand to Southeast Asia: The Challenges and Opportunities,” a fireside chat with Jun Hasegawa, CEO of Omise who just raised a series-B funding round at 17.5 million USD.... read more