Amazon Web Services Summit 2018: An Interview with ‘Axel Winter’ of Central Group

Techsauce received an exclusive interview with Axel Winter - The Chief Technology Officer for the central group at this years AWS global summit, a cloud computing community that attracts technologists from all industries. Axel Winter is an advocate for driving Technology Transformation, Building new technology organization supporting agile technology development worldwide, focusing on Omni Channel, e-Commerce, Data…... read more

MITgsw: Developing an innovation Ecosystem, A panel discussion

Strengthening this emerging ecosystem discussion opens up the platform with Sarah Jane Maxted - Executive Director, MIT REAP, as the Moderator for this particular session and a cross-section of MIT's top influencers and entrepreneurs. Todd Glickman, Senior Director of MIT Corporate Relations Lesley Millar - Nicholson - Director, MIT Technology Licensing Office Sauwanee Thairunroj -…... read more

A TechSauce Series: Dynamics of the Thai Ecosystem with Venture Capitalists

With the rise of digital ecosystems, successfully building strong infrastructures playing a vital role in today's tech startup field, such as Silicon Valley, looking at what it takes to build strong foundations for a desirable marketplace while recreating the structure in these emerging frontier markets is the key to progressing South-East Asian countries. The Defining Characteristics…... read more