10 Practical Secrets to Help You Conquer Your B2B Space Today

You don’t have to strike around blindly hoping for success. There’s actually a few things you can do right today if you want to make it big in a B2B space. Here we bring you 10 practical strategies to conquer your B2B space, as shared by Tikhon Bernstam – founder of the world’s largest document-sharing…... read more

The Story Behind Thapster and What’s next?

Touch screens and rhythm tapping games just make sense, which is why there are probably millions of them out there in the various app stores of the world. In Thailand, however, the only big name in rhythm games is Thapster, the rhythm game app released in 2012 that became widely popular thanks to its use…... read more

How to build a successful marketplace platform in Southeast Asia – Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from Tarad and Builk

Marketplaces might be difficult business to run. Like all multi-side platform businesses, they suffer from the classic chicken and egg problem. The technology has no value unless buyers and seller are present. In this article from techsaucesummit 2016, you can learn from the experts what are the key success factors when you want to launch marketplace platform in…... read more