Case Study: Mobile Games Growth Hacking

When Attapon Faknoi - CEO of Dev Design Center - released his very first app, a creation all his own, he expected the difficult part to be over. Now that the app is out there, all he had to do was kick back and wait for the hundreds of thousands of users to download his…... read more

Startup advice from Daniel and Justin Kan Y Combinator

Brothers Daniel and Justin Kan flew in from Silicon Valley to the TechSauce Summit in Bangkok, and we talked to the pair for an exclusive interview. Daniel is the founder of Cruise Automation, a self-driving car technology startup recently acquired by General Motors, while his brother Justin Kan is a partner at Y... read more

Blockchain Will “Revolutionize the Network” and Change Our Lives – FinTech Specialist Chris Skinner Delves into Blockchain and What It Means for the Next Generation

“You can not have an internet of things without an internet of value and an internet of trust.” – Chris Skinner Everyone talks about blockchain technologies, though not many know what real impact blockchain will have for humanity in the future. Techsauce Summit 2016 invited prominent financial specialist & blogger Chris Skinner – named by…... read more