Life.SREDA VC CEO Decodes This Year’s Trends and Challenges for Fintech

During the outset of the fintech era, many financial institutions denied the importance and potential impact of fintech companies; later the same financial institutions started to study and observe fintech startups. Today, we have now entered the stage that banks are collaborating with and investing in fintech. During a presentation at Techsauce Summit 2016 powered by…... read more

How Large Enterprises Can Seek for Innovation in an Era of Disruption – Tips from the CMO of dtac

Mr. Sittichoke Nopchinabutr, CMO of dtac, opened his session at the Techsauce Summit 2016 with some intriguing statistics: research indicates that 16% of couples choose to sleep in separate rooms, whilst only 13% of people sleep separate from their smart phones – numbers which suggest that in this day and age more people want to spend their time with…... read more