A look at Asia Pacific’s Co working business solutions

As we move further into 2018 there are definite signs, trends, and directions that the coworking movement is progressing towards throughout the Asian Pacific region. A detailed report has been compiled by 'Cushman & Wakefield research publication. Techsauce takes a look at the key topics covered. Going corporate     There is a slow growth in traditional…... read more

Blockchain and the Future of the Real Estate Industry – Is a Revolution Coming?

Blockchain is becoming THE buzzword of now, revolutionizing the financial and banking systems, however, how will it affect the property industry and will it completely change the industry? At this year's Property Portal Watch, here in Bangkok, Denis Nemstev, the CEO of Hipflat discussed the concept of blockchain being integrated into the industry. This conference is the industries…... read more

What is AI and how can it help your business?

At this year's Property Portal, the topic of AI and how it can help your business was discussed in relation to property tech and the wider business world. It is evident that AI will revolutionize industries but has it made its mark in the property tech industry? How can AI help your business? As we have…... read more