Interview with Prof. Dr. Henry Chesbrough at this year’s STI forum & Outstanding Technologist Awards: Co – creating the future of innovation

Bangkok: 19th October 2017:  The STI forum of outstanding technologist awards took place at the Athenee Crystal Hall. This Forum is to promote excellence in leadership & management integrity & competency. Initiating & encouraging the learning and sharing of practical managerial knowledge. Providing & supporting networking opportunities with a vision to becoming a leading management development organisation in…... read more

OpenDNA: tracking digital footprints with AI

Techsauce recently received a unique look into OpenDNA's work within AI with Ben Backx, head of products in Singapore. OpenDNA is an Artificial Intelligence system using multiple different layers. Combining Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing to build detailed psychographic and behavioural maps on users. This innovative company is making way for the implementation…... read more

Cyber Security: Israeli pro’s will mentor Thai startup’s in a bid to tighten online security in South East Asia.

The hot topic at the moment is Cybersecurity. With half of Donald Trump’s cybersecurity panel on strike over the growing concern and out of control hacking what can the tech world do to improve the systems and develop tighter security, specifically for banks and large corporations? Thailand has become one of the prime targets in…... read more

Agritech: Ricult’s Co – Founder explains what this innovative start up plans to do for the Thai farming industry.

  We sat down recently with the Co-founder and CEO of Ricult to discuss the developments of Agritech within Thailand and to understand what this startup hopes to do in terms of elevating Thailand's farmers with the integration of technology. Ricult aims to transform agriculture in developing countries through using machine learning to analyze satellite imagery…... read more

Exclusive interview with TenX: Tackling all things Cryptocurrency and shedding light on TenX’s latest invention

Dr Julian Hosp - Co-founder & President of TenX, a Singapore based FinTech company, which has developed a technology that makes cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere and has given Techsauce an exclusive look into this innovative startup and what they hope to achieve in the world of cryptocurrencies.   What is the Background of TenX? We are…... read more