Entrepreneurs backing Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Araya Hutasuwan & Amarit Charoenphan

Recently in Bangkok, The CEO of Snapcart, (Indonesia's top e-commerce website), Araya Hutasuwan spoke with our very own CEO & Co-founder of Techsauce and Hubba, Amarit Charoenphan, discussing all things entrepreneurship, investment and business in these emerging markets. The organiser's of the event are Top Venture Capitalists, Monk's Hill Venture which concentrates specifically on post-seed stage technology startups in South East…... read more

Jack Ma’s views on the strategic partnership between the Government of Thailand and Alibaba

Techsauce was extremely fortunate to be able to attend the close-door MOUs Signing Ceremony, signifying a strategic partnership between the Government of Thailand and Alibaba. Below is a full transcript of Jack Ma’s speech given at the event. "Alibaba hopes to use innovation and technology to help Thailand SMEs developed products that can be introduced…... read more

A Techsauce Series: Incubators facilitating the growth of the ecosystem: A look at the Thai private and government initiatives

As Thailand is an emerging market, within the global market, Techsauce is looking into what components make up this growing ecosystem, what role each section plays and how this innovative, strengthened and forward thinking country can help lift, unify and contribute to the rest of south-east Asia, while connecting the rest of the world with innovative…... read more

Education Tech: The future of learning in a digital era

With the tech world rapidly making an impact across all industries, the education sector can expect to see revolutionary technology embedded into its very traditional systems, uprooting and reforming the whole framework that exists today.  A panel of MIT experts and ED tech startup CEOs came together to talk with Techsauce about the tech that…... read more