Zach Piester of Intrepid Ventures on How Corporates Are Responding to Blockchain

Techsauce sat down with Zach Piester, co-founder of Intrepid Ventures, to discuss blockchain and how corporates are incorporating it into their digital transformation.  While Intrepid Ventures refers to itself as a "blockchain transformation studio & digital transformation platform," behind the scenes the company focuses on R&D in blockchain and investing, as well as ecosystem building. According to…... read more

Ananda reveals how digitalization has helped them rise to become Thailand’s second largest property developer

As Thailand's second largest property development company, and one of the biggest sponsors of Techsauce Global Summit 2017, Ananda joins a chain of other companies from new industry sectors that are entering into the realm of accelerators, CVCs and other corporate initiatives in support of tech and startups. At the Techsauce Global Summit press conference back…... read more

How about staying at a 5-star hotel but only paying 3-star prices? The OTA industry faces possible disruption with Malaysia-based startup Staydilly’s ingenuous business model

For many frequent business travelers, far from being a status symbol and a vision of luxury, traveling can be quite a chore. Most of us need to make the trade-off between luxury, which we all want - and keeping costs within a budget (not all of us are millionaires!). Well, there’s good news for those who…... read more