Exclusive interview with TenX: Tackling all things Cryptocurrency and shedding light on TenX’s latest invention

Dr Julian Hosp - Co-founder & President of TenX, a Singapore based FinTech company, which has developed a technology that makes cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere and has given Techsauce an exclusive look into this innovative startup and what they hope to achieve in the world of cryptocurrencies.   What is the Background of TenX? We are…... read more

Exclusive interview: The head of innovation at global products, Telenor discussing all things innovation in the corporate world

We sat down with the head of innovation at global products, Telenor group Vegard Aas recently to gain some insight into the corporate innovation world and what it's like to be at the centre of one of Thailand's top corporate groups instigating innovation and interaction on a global scale. 1) Introduce yourself, role and responsibility in…... read more

An Exclusive interview with Creative Ventures: A look at Deep Tech Startup

Recently, Techsauce team sat down with Champ Suthipongchai, Co-founders of Creative Ventures, the first Thai venture firm founder in Silicon Valley, to discuss the importance of Deep Tech and what exactly does the VC look for in the startup and how they can bridge the markets from the US and Asia.  What does Creative Ventures do? Creative Ventures…... read more