Congratulations to AltoTech Co.,Ltd!
The Winner of depa Accelerator Program BATCH 2

Congratulations to AltoTech Co.,Ltd!
The Winner of depa Accelerator Program BATCH 2


depa Smart City Accelerator Program Batch 2 presented by Digital Startup Institute under depa Thailand in collaboration with Techsauce Media, encourages Digital Startup entrepreneurs to show their potential in applying digital technology and innovation to develop the regional Smart City through the Proof of Concept (POC). This program therefore focuses on providing the participants with the necessary tools to work on-site in order to engage with locals on clarifying and providing solutions. In addition, the teams will be given the opportunity to access the public and private markets more easily, which will increase the likelihood that the innovation of your team will scale up nationwide or at the ASEAN level.


Focus on team’s high-value ideas and drive their innovation for fast go-to-market models through accelerated growth programs, by combining knowledge and practice through real actions where teams will get opportunities to achieve their goals. Moreover, the program will also create immediate opportunities for all stakeholders involved in the 5 regions, along with generating multi-potential business partners and connecting investors.


We are looking for Digital startups developing disruptive and high-impact technologies to solve the smart city’s problems. Which will be capable of improving service quality, city management and meeting the population demands in the next decades.

According to Smart City Thailand Office, the form of Smart City under the concept of urban living development can be divided into several categories as follows

Key features of the program

  1. Teams will be involved in the city urban development and gain valuable associations through the cooperation of corporate and government organizations.
  2. Teams will get a chance to expand opportunities and provide solutions through the Proof of Concept (POC) in 5 Smart Cities; Lampang, Khon Kaen, Bangkok, Rayong, and Phuket, where each team can select 2 Smart Cities that the team wants and demonstrate how it can be developed.
  3. As a result, teams will be able to participate fully.

Program experts

Dr.Orachat Leingpeboon

Vice President
Smart City Promotion

Dusit Chairat

VC Fund Manager
AddVentures by SCG

Pongsanipa Kamalanavin

Krungsri Finnovate

Shannon Kalayanamitr

5G Catalyst Technologies

Weerawat Ratanawaraha


Why should you attend this program

This accelerating program will “drive” your team to achieve the fast-paced opportunities.
  1. The drive to learn: We provide a combination of precious advice and practices. To guide the rapid growth of the team.
  2. The drive to defend: We offer to defend your fear of losing your position through increased opportunities to expand markets and find customer bases in both government and corporate sectors. To ensure confidence in your innovation.
  3. The drive to bond: We offer space for connecting, where you will meet business partners to increase opportunities and expand your target market. Which is one of the most effective ways to achieve sustainable success.
  4. The drive to acquire: We provide a chance to find scalability opportunities for future growth of business through an innovative process based on real fields that could improve expansion opportunities to other cities or countries.

Additionally, the winner will receive 300,000 baht cash.
Allowing further development on the business.

This Accelerator Program will last more than 3 months with different workshop and practical sessions specially tailored to help and enhance business skill.

Opportunity to work with government agencies from 5 Smart Cities such as Bangkok, Rayong, Khon Kaen, Lampang, and Phuket. Get in touch with relevant stakeholders in order to develop your solution.

Team requirements

  • Team of Startup entrepreneurs with 2 or more members.
  • Pre-Series A Startups or have developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), have been able to show early customer traction or have some proof of the idea/concept being successful and have been running the business for at least 1 year.
  • Startup team must have solutions or business approaches that are relevant to Smart City with market demands.
  • 1 – 2 members must be available to participate in the program from the beginning to the end. (August 21 – December 17, 2021)
  • Fluent English for Business


Smart Environment

Using technology to minimize the negative impact on the environment, along with increasing the participation of people in natural resources conservation.

Problem List

  • Waste management and waste disposal problem
  • Water pollution and shortage of water production for consumption
  • Air pollution (PM10 or PM 2.5)
  • Green space and sustainable protection

Smart Economy

Use digital technology to create added value in the economic system and manage resources efficiently.

Problem List

  • Imbalance between the power of purchase and sale demand
  • Problems in applying technology and big data analytics in the economy
  • Problem of the tourism industry

Smart Energy

Creating a balance between energy production and local energy consumption in order to increase energy security and reduce reliance on the main power grid system.

Problem List

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy poverty
  • Depletion of natural resources

Smart Governance

Creating a public service system that promotes transparency, local participation, and continuous improvement through the use of service innovation.

Problem List

  • Timing in contacting government agencies
  • Access to public service of government agencies
  • Integrity and Transparency

Smart Living

Developing facilities using Universal Design principles to promote good health and well-being, quality of life, and social safety for people in society.

Problem List

  • Aging society
  • Safety and security in public space
  • Access to education
  • Health and well-being

Smart Mobility

Developing transportation systems by increasing the efficiency and connectivity of various transportation and mobility systems to maximize convenience and safety while also considering environmental sustainability.

Problem List

  • Access to public transportation for disabled people
  • Public transport safety and standards
  • Traffic congestion
  • Environmental impact of mobility

Smart People

Developing the population's knowledge and skills for a life-long learning experience, to reduce social and economic inequality together with being open to creativity, innovation, and public participation.

Problem List

  • Access to information quickly and accurately
  • Public space
  • Access to learning and technology