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iFLYTEK establishes regional HQ in Singapore to boost growth in Southeast Asia

Founded in 1999, the public-listed AI and speech technology provider, iFLYTEK, officially celebrates its determination to further their growth in the SEA region. This is followed by the launch of the new regional headquarters in Singapore which would serve as a regional hub for the company’s operations in SEA. Since its launch in 2010, iFLYTEK Open Platform is now integrated into 591 AI technologies and solutions, covering 3.48 billion terminals and has successfully partnered with 5 million establishments globally.

The launch event held on 10 May 2024 at the newly launched regional headquarters located at Suntec City Tower One, was accompanied by Mr William Zhou, Vice President of iFLYTEK Open Platform BG, Mr Mark Chen, President of Global Solution Sales at Singapore Huawei Cloud and Mr Goh Toh Sim, President of Singapore-China Business Association. 

Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of iFLYTEK, shared, “Southeast Asia is a region that holds strategic importance for our expansion efforts. The unique blend of cultures and market demands across the different nations within the region meant the need for us to craft growth strategies for each specific country. For one, the focus of our strategy in Singapore is to foster more partnerships and collaborations with the finance, education and government sectors, while our focus in Thailand is to prioritise initiatives related to tourism, media and social engagement. Eventually, we will be establishing more local offices and teams within the respective SEA countries to provide better local support for our clients and  facilitate deeper integration within the iFLYTEK ecosystem.” 

With an iFLYTEK Open Platform Global Station already established in Singapore, the company has seen multiple successes in the city-state including the partnership with leading media company - Mediacorp. iFLYTEK offers products and services such as Smart Translator, simultaneous interpreting, Deepting, and Smart VoiceBook. In addition to providing corporate-level AI solutions, iFLYTEK’s C-end products have also been introduced in Singapore and are currently available at Courts, Harvey Norman, ATRIX, Shopee and Lazada. 

iFLYTEK's cutting-edge AI solutions are poised to enhance business dynamics in Singapore and the region 

The recently announced Singapore’s 2024 National Budget highlights the nation’s pursuit of fortifying its stature as an international epicentre for business and innovation. Singapore has committed to allocating an impressive amount of more than S$1 billion towards advancing AI over the next five years. In the second National AI strategy (NAIS 2.0), the focus is now shifted towards encouraging the integration of AI technologies as a necessity rather than an opportunity, supporting the local AI scene in their expansion globally, and finally facilitating the convergence of stakeholders from both domestic and international domains to improve the current state of the nation.

As the Smart Nation commits to these goals, iFLYTEK’s launch in Singapore comes at an opportune time to further bolster the city-state's mission of enhancing the business dynamic in Singapore through the AI solutions offered. Its extensive portfolio of AI solutions and services is tailored to drive innovation, delivering state-of-the-art offerings in AI education, AI Government, and AI capabilities. These products are strategically positioned to transform the landscape in Singapore and its region, catering to the dynamic requirements of the education sector, public services, and diverse industries.

“With our considerable experience and expertise in providing AI solutions in China and globally, we see strong potential to boost the adoption of AI business solutions in Singapore and its region,” said William Zhou, Vice President at iFLYTEK Open Platform BG. “Especially with the Singapore government recognising the importance of AI adoption to drive economic growth, there is clearly a limitless potential of opportunities for us to come in and support businesses and consumers that are quickly turning towards the future of technology. Establishing greater partnerships, increasing brand awareness and tailoring our products to meet the unique market demands of the region remains our priority in expanding within the region. I’m excited to be leading my amazing team of AI experts and we’re ready to take iFLYTEK to the next level.” 

The Singapore headquarters is the latest launch that aligns with iFLYTEK’s effort to expand its operations overseas in Europe and other countries. iFLYTEK remains committed to advancing AI capabilities and contributing to the digital transformation of industries worldwide. iFLYTEK is also deepening its commitment to Southeast Asia, including partnering with Huawei Cloud, Chulalongkorn University, and Zense Entertainment to foster innovation.

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