Thailand’s Startup Ecosystem: The Long Road Ahead

A few weeks ago, I posted a comparative analysis of startup ecosystems around the world as part of a trip debrief following a 5-company delegation that Digital Ventures/Siam Commercial Bank led to Israel. The analysis centered around Israel’s status as the “Startup Nation”, and looked at its startup ecosystem side-by-side with leading ecosystems in the…... read more

Mitr Phol Group supports Bio-Based startups, driving Thailand’s agricultural industry through innovation

When startup trends began in Thailand around five years ago, most of the startups were tech and mobile operators. It took a few years after that for more clearly defined industries to enter the game, with startups in PropTech and FinTech following suit. Even though these new industries met with good response, they still face…... read more

Cracking the Content Code to Reach Millennials: 20 Key Takeaways from WebTVAsia’s 2nd Annual Forum

What's on the minds of Asia's top content creators & digital agencies? If they met in one room, what would be their key topics of discussion? That was exactly what happened earlier this month in Bangkok, Thailand. "There’s only one word to the future of digital revolution, and that word is Asia," shared Fred Chong, CEO & founder of WebTVAsia.... read more

How about staying at a 5-star hotel but only paying 3-star prices? The OTA industry faces possible disruption with Malaysia-based startup Staydilly’s ingenuous business model

For many frequent business travelers, far from being a status symbol and a vision of luxury, traveling can be quite a chore. Most of us need to make the trade-off between luxury, which we all want - and keeping costs within a budget (not all of us are millionaires!). Well, there’s good news for those who…... read more