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Top 10 Upcoming Tech Events in Asia 2024

After exploring Techsauce's curated list of international commercial events, let's shift our focus to the thriving tech event in Asia. Asian tech events are attracting significant attention from global investors, drawn by the region's growing potential for innovation and technological developments. This recent development is fueling Asia's booming economy, which is projected to reach a growth rate of 4.5% in 2024, according to a report by Xinhua News Agency on March 26th.

Investors, marketers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts can now stay informed on the latest trends and connect with global experts – all within Asia. Techsauce has curated a list of 10 key tech events happening across the continent in 2024. Gain insights into the specialties of TSGS2024, while also exploring events that offer solutions tailored to your organization's unique challenges. Learn more within this article.

Tech Events to Look Out for in 2024

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The fast pace of technological change demands constant adaptation for organizations. While online resources alone can't replicate the authentic experience of tech events. Participating in tech events offer the opportunity to discuss with experts and network with potential business partners through engaging event activities. Discover fascinating tech events without the long flight to Europe through our curated list of the 10 best Asian tech summits in 2024, complete with detailed descriptions for each event.

1. SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 

tech eventPhoto Credit: SusHi Tech Tokyo

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 isn't about sushi but an acronym for Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo. SusHi Tech Tokyo is a leading tech event showcasing cutting-edge innovations from Japan and beyond. Focused on building sustainable cities, this event brings together startups, experts and attendees to discuss global urban challenges. Join insightful discussions, witness the SusHi Tech Challenge pitch contest and explore exhibits from leading global startups. If you're passionate about sustainable development and the Japanese tech scene, SusHi Tech Tokyo is not to be missed!

2. Echelon X 

Photo Credit: Echelon X

Echelon X is a leading Asian tech summit that gathers startups, investors, SMEs, government officials and industry leaders to propel the tech ecosystem forward through industry knowledge sharing, collaboration and comprehensive innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn valuable market insights and experience the latest digital solutions, familiarizing themselves with a platform for aspiring inventors to showcase their creations and connect with potential partners. Whether you're a tech professional or tech enthusiasts, Echelon X has it all.

3. Techsauce Global Summit 2024 

The Techsauce Global Summit, Southeast Asia's largest annual tech conference, serves as a platform to showcase the latest technological trends for businesses. Its mission is to propel Thailand to become the leading Tech Gateway in Southeast Asia.  The upcoming Techsauce Global Summit 2024 embraces the concept of 'The World of Tomorrow With AI' focusing on five following core topics:

  • AI for Growth: Leveraging AI for Growth in the Private Sector

  • AI for Good: Understanding How AI Drives Positive Changes in Sustainable Development 

  • AI-Human Symbiosis: How to Empower Human With AI

  • AI in Culture: Building an AI-Powered Organization and Fostering an AI Mindset

  • AI Safety and Governance: Where Will Governance and AI Lead to?

As this year's highlight, a Humandroid 'Ameca' will join the Stage as a guest speaker alongside 350 experts, all ready to share latest AI technology trends and business insight you won't find anywhere else. Additionally, experience cutting-edge innovations from global startups at the Tech Showcase. Participate in activities and workshops designed to equip you with comprehensive tech expertise for your business. Don't miss this opportunity! Get your tickets for the Techsauce Global Summit at 

4. Beyond Expo

Tech eventPhoto Credit: 

Beyond Expo 2024 is an annual conference showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies and explores their impact on various industries. Taking place in Macau for three days, the event features insightful conferences focusing on three key areas: Healthcare, Climate Tech and Consumer Tech. Tech enthusiasts and industry professionals alike can gain valuable knowledge and insights applicable to their businesses.

5. COMEUP Global Startup Festival 

Tech eventPhoto Credit: Comeup 2023 Businesskorea 

The COMEUP Global Startup Festival, organized by the Korea Startup Forum and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, is an extensive event propelling South Korea's IT startups onto the global stage. This annual festival aims to encourage connections between investors, startup founders and SMEs, facilitating business collaborations and stimulating investment in innovative technologies. While the venue for COMEUP Global Startup Festival 2024 hasn't been announced yet, you can check the event website for updates

  • Event Title: COMEUP Global Startup Festival 2024

  • Schedule : Visit the event website for updates 

  • Location: Visit the event website for updates

  • Website:

6. Tech in Asia (Vietnam & Indonesia) 

Tech eventPhoto Credit: 

Tech in Asia is a leading tech media platform that also organizes conferences across Asia. This year, they're hosting exciting events like the 'Tech in Asia Saigon Summit 2024' and 'Tech in Asia Jakarta'. The Saigon Summit, happening on May 30th, 2024, will delve into Vietnam's booming tech industry. Expect insightful data on its growth, alongside showcase presentations from over 40 of Vietnam's freshest startups.

The Indonesian Tech in Asia event, held in Jakarta, brings together startups and tech leaders from across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Their mission is to propel Southeast Asia's tech industry forward and establish it as a global leader. Both of these Tech in Asia events are not to be missed!

7.Tech Week Singapore

Photo Credit: Facebook Tech Week Singapore 

Tech Week Singapore is a major technology event in Asia, bringing together industry experts and attendees for insightful discussions and cutting-edge innovation. The conference features eight co-located events, including: Cloud Expo Asia, DevOps Live, Cyber Security World, Big Data & AI World, Data Centre World, eCommerce Expo Asia, Technology for Marketing, and the new addition for 2024, Digital Health Asia. In addition to valuable insights from renowned speakers, the event also features latest advancements through product showcases and tech solutions from various enterprises. Making this event a prime opportunity to network with industry leaders and fellow attendees, building valuable connections with the experts in the community.

8.Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH)

Photo Credit: 

The Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) is a significant Tech Event attracting investors and startups from around the world. This platform provides a showcase for companies with groundbreaking innovations, allowing them to connect with potential investors and partners.  In 2023, SWITCH brought together over 15,000 global innovators focused on creating a positive economic impact.  The event offers participants the chance to experience the latest technologies and gain valuable insights to fuel their success.

9. Singapore FinTech Festival

Photo Credit: 

As for finance professionals and tech enthusiasts in general, Singapore FinTech Festival is a must-attend event dedicated to the future of financial technology or FinTech. This event delves into the future of financial technology, presenting insightful data and facilitating thought-provoking discussions on FinTech trends. Beyond the insightful presentations and discussions, Singapore FinTech Festival also offers a valuable opportunity to explore FinTech solutions. Leading startups and established financial institutions showcase their latest FinTech innovations, offering a comprehensive view of the financial industry's advancements, making this conference an intriguing alternative for tech enthusiasts.

10. Consensus Hong Kong 2025 Consensus Hong Kong 2025

Photo Credit: 

Closing our list with Consensus Hong Kong, the largest crypto tech event dedicated to the crypto community. Focusing on blockchain and Web3.0 technologies, this Coindesk-organized event (established in 2015) attracts a global audience of crypto investors and blockchain developers. Consensus Hong Kong emphasizes Hong Kong's potential to become the regional hub for Digital Assets. The event features presentations and discussions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Since the event will be held next year, those who interest in participating can follow the main event’s website for more details

The abundance of tech events, as seen in these 10 examples, highlights the Asian region's immense potential for technological advancement and innovation. It is not surprising to see this thriving startup ecosystem constantly pushing boundaries, organizing tech events throughout 2024. This growth underscores Asia's potential to become a major global technology hub in the years to come.

Looking to connect with business leaders at a top tech event? Attend Techsauce Global Summit 2024, Southeast Asia's leading tech conference. Witness world-class speakers discuss AI and gain insightful business advice. Explore innovative startups at the Tech Showcase and participate in workshops. This is your chance to network with experts and gain a comprehensive understanding of AI in one place.

Techsauce Global Summit 2024 will take place from August 7th to 9th at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC). Get your tickets for the Techsauce Global Summit at 

As a special bonus, Techsauce Global Summit ticket holders can participate in side events happening throughout the week! (Please stay tuned for more information about these events on the Techsauce website and social media channels.)

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