On Thursday and Friday, digital nomads from around the world are converging on Bangkok for the 7in7 conference. 7in7 aim to hold seven conferences in seven years on seven continents - yes, even Antarctica! As 7in7 discusses the future of work, we thought we'd try something new - Techsauce's first ever live blog! So check below for updates live from the conference - no need to refresh your browser.


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Partnership with Leading Thailand Bank to Strengthen Local Innovation Ecosystem

Bangkok, May 9, 2018 - OurCrowd, a global leader in equity crowdfunding, today announced its further expansion in Asia, with an innovative partnership with Bangkok Bank Public Comp...

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Indonesia's investment landscape: Sinar Mas and East Ventures ink JV with Yahoo Japan to form EV growth

Breakthroughs and progress are being made in the Indonesian market in terms of Venture Capitalists making considerable financial contributions.......

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"Y Combinator" accelerator behind Dropbox and AirBnb is coming to Thailand for the first time at Techsauce Summit!

To most people in the Tech Start-up scene, the name Y Combinator needs no introduction. The vast majority of Thai people, however, may not be as familiar with who they are, though ...