Brett King: By 2035 robots will outnumber humans, where do we fit into the future world of tomorrow?

Brett King, author, futurist and global fintech influencer addressed a house fully packed at Techsauce Global Summit 2017, in a session powered by Digital Ventures. As seats filled up and even more people crowded into the back of the room to hear, Mr. King shared how digital transformation is undoubtedly the new wave that is changing…... read more

Why Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular destination not only for freelancers but also IT companies and startups from Europe

In the year 2016 the number of tourists entering Thailand grew by nearly 9% and continues to rise further. More of those crossing the Thai border are there not only for the beaches and hotels  - they have actually come to work remotely on their projects. In a usually compact suitcase you’d find a swimsuit,…... read more

Corporate? Enterprise? SME? Don’t overlook the opportunities at Techsauce Global Summit 2017

Last year, Techsauce Summit 2016 proved that Thailand's enthusiasm for technology & innovation was not just limited to the startup sector, because it was well attended by SMEs and a variety of big enterprises all eager to get in on the latest trends in the tech industry. This year, corporates are showing even more interest in Techsauce Global Summit with companies from new industries outside the financial & mobile sectors... read more