The impact of 81 million jobs lost due to the COVID-19 outbreak (International Labor Organization) has truly been felt throughout the world as families struggle to survive.  As traditional giant industries such as tourism and aviation are have fallen, what are the next sectors that will be knight in shining armor for job seekers?  Find out in Techsauce’s talk with Marvin Liao, who talked about Getting Ahead in a Shifting Job Landscape in out last Techsauce Global Summit.  

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Decode the DNA of Indorama Ventures Success: How Indorama Ventures built ฿4 billion market value in 26 years.

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Future Life as We Know It

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Investor Outlook for 2021

The rapid economic changes brought on by COVID-19 leaves investors wandering where to invest their money. To give you a clear outlook on what to expect for 2021, Pieter Kemps, the...