The most disruptive innovation guru in the world, Neal Cross, says the key to innovation lies not with technology, but in a business’s ability to ultimately solve the consumer’s problems in an elegant and simple way. Here’s what Techsauce Media’s exclusive talk with the man who changed the way corporations innovate.


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Innovating a traditional Thai dessert to satisfy international taste buds

One Thai woman has discovered a way to innovate traditional Thai dessert Roti Sai Mai to satisfy international taste buds.......

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Exploring Deep Tech: The Obscure and Unknown in a Changing Digital World

“Logical innovations are happening all around the world, because like deep technology, the Cambodian tech ecosystem is on the cast of explosive growth and innovation.” At the Cambo...

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How to achieve future-shaping innovation - Defying the Conventional

In my past article I suggested that consumers are insatiable by human nature, which should inspire any business to continuously innovate.  I then went on to say that you should go ...