Can technology help humans cheat death? The rapid development of AI and personal data use may not be the devil after all as ultimately technology can play a vital role in extending the human life.
AgeTech could hold the key to living beyond the human life span with preventative medicine, robotic elderly care, and the preservation of the human mind.  Find out how with Bruce Bateman, Mr. Gadget, Entrepreneur/Investor, Expert on advanced wearables and AgeTech researcher in our The Near Future Podcast.

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Decode the DNA of Indorama Ventures Success: How Indorama Ventures built ฿4 billion market value in 26 years.

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Future Life as We Know It

There is no denying that sci-fi movies of the past foreshadowed how innovation was going to change the way human lives today. Now, with the digital age rapidly taking over the worl...

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Investor Outlook for 2021

The rapid economic changes brought on by COVID-19 leaves investors wandering where to invest their money. To give you a clear outlook on what to expect for 2021, Pieter Kemps, the...