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PAC named in most promising Climate Tech companies in Indo-Pacific region

HolonIQ announced the highly anticipated Indo-Pacific Climate Tech 100 in Singapore at the inagural IPEF Clean Economy Investor Forum

HolonIQ's rigorous selection process reviewed over 10,000 climate tech companies across various sectors, including biosphere, food systems, circular economy, carbon markets, data and finance, resources, renewables, storage and distribution, built environment, and mobility. The top 100 companies were chosen based on the attractiveness of their market segments, their products' unique ability to address climate challenges, the diversity and experience of their leadership teams, their demonstrated momentum, and their maturity.

"We are honored to be recognized among such a distinguished group of companies making a significant impact in climate technology," said Atchara Poomee, Founder and CEO of PAC Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  "This acknowledgment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and our commitment to driving sustainable solutions in the Indo-Pacific region."

The Indo-Pacific Climate Tech 100 cohort will be presented today at the IPEF Clean Economy Investor Forum in Singapore. This event brings together over 100 policymakers from the 14 IPEF partner countries, 100 leading global investors, philanthropies, and financial institutions for in-person meetings and presentations. The Forum aims to drive investment and create improved opportunities for scaling innovative solutions, positioning the Indo-Pacific Climate Tech 100 for significant growth.

The IPEF Investor Forum is a cornerstone initiative under the IPEF Clean Economy Agreement. It unites the region’s top investors, philanthropies, financial institutions, innovative companies, and entrepreneurs to mobilize investments into sustainable infrastructure, climate technology, and renewable energy projects. The Forum will also explore ways to foster conducive business environments for scaling up clean technology and infrastructure investments in the region. More information can be found at:

"We are excited to engage with the global leaders and investors at the IPEF Clean Economy Investor Forum," added Atchara Poomee. "This platform provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase our innovative solutions and attract the necessary investment to further our mission of creating a sustainable future."

The recognition by HolonIQ and the participation in the IPEF Clean Economy Investor Forum mark significant milestones for PAC Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd, as it continues to lead the way in climate technology innovation. The company looks forward to contributing to the Indo-Pacific region's sustainable development and achieving impactful climate solutions.

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