The use and implementation of AI are inevitable as we move into a more technological age. Certain sectors are clearly going to be early adopters of it and will see crucial benefits with AI being integrated. There are several startups that are specifically dedicated to creating and delivering this much needed technological advances, however, there is still a lot of research and prototypes to be tried and tested before completion.

This is exciting news for any startups in the health or financial tech industries with an eye for A.I. - your products and efforts will not be wasted, along with a long line of investors who will surely be willing to invest. 

We look at the key AI trends for the Health and financial sectors. 

The healthcare industry is the most vital industry, globally and the one that produces the most amount of data. A.I will help condense this data, analyze patient histories, understand diseases more intensely and efficiently while creating things such as apps that generate virtual nurses, cutting down on hospital waiting times and inventing Robot assistants that enable doctors to perform at their optimal level.

 Here is a list of the top areas of the healthcare industry that AI will make a difference and something for aspiring healthcare tech startups to take into consideration when developing products. 

Car T cell therapies: Engineering T cells that can help cure lethal diseases

RNA - based therapies: Filling in the therapeutic gaps with RNA based medicines

Anti -aging therapies: preventing, lasting or reversing the aging process

Bioprinting: Early stage startups building organ printing machines

NeuroTechnology: Enhancing human capabilities by integrating with the nervous system

Handheld diagnostics: Condensing lab grade diagnostics into handheld devices

Intelligent drug design: Automating drug design and compound selection

Blockchain enabled hospitals: Distributed networks advancing security and data sharing


Financial sector: 

As this sector demands accuracy and there is less room for error, AI can step in and really improve the FinTech sector, however, a lot of products need to be tried and tested in order to make considerable changes.

Here is a list of the top areas of the Financial industry that AI will make a difference and something for aspiring Fintech startups to take into consideration when developing products. 

Credit scoring/direct lending: Use AI for robust credit scoring and lending applications

Regulatory, compliance & fraud detection: Use AI to detect fraudulent and abnormal financial behaviour, and or use AI to improve general regulatory compliance matters and workflows

Insurance: Use AI to quote and insure

Debt Collection: Use AI to improve creditor collection of the outstanding debt through personalised and automated communication

Business finance & expense reporting: Use AI to improve basic business accounting, including expense reporting.

Predictive analysis: Use AI for general purpose semantic and natural applications as well as broadly applied predictive analytics.

Assistants/Personal Finance: AI chatbot and mobile app assistant applications to monitor personal finances

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