E-Commerce at BaseConf2020

Are you running an e-commerce business? Join us to hear from some of the industry giants including Alibaba Cloud, Traveloka, Jumper.ai and other renowned companies at BaseConf2020!

BaseConf2020 E-Commerce

Day 2  –  Thursday, January 16

02:40PM – 03:20PM

[Panel Discussion] E-commerce Landscape In SEA: How To Survive & Thrive In The Battles of US & China Titans

Despite the misconception that China and Western nations are monopolising the e-commerce industry, SEA has shown a healthy growth trend over the years. With the third largest population in the world and  rapidly growing internet connectivity, we need to accept that we are an upcoming market of interest for e-commerce businesses. Though many have said that e-commerce is still in its infancy, there are growth opportunities for businesses who are ready to face new challenges. It’s time to ride the wave and learn how to survive and thrive between the two titans with our panel of speakers. 

03:20PM – 04:00PM

[Fireside Chat] E-commerce Heroes: Defying All Odds To Build A Regional Platform

South East Asia has become the new battlefield for e-commerce platforms as more of them are taking a hold in the region, with Lazada and 11street being the two biggest players. Many believe that the competition is unlikely to slow down, but only heighten in the coming years with the region’s ever-growing number of internet users as well as mobile users. These online platforms will be able to reach more customers while SMEs who are also online merchants benefit by getting the much needed support for their own businesses. By understanding the potential of e-commerce, more players can join the industry and help grow a regional platform for all.

Get up close to the thought leaders in the technology industry. Check out topics that will be talked about during BaseConf 2020 here.

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