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Interview with Irawadee Thawornbut, a 16 year-old social entrepreneur

With the ever-changing technology we have nowadays, it’s hard to expect what mankind can achieve with it in the near future. With the variety of implications ranging from Big Data, AI, and Fintech, one young entrepreneur implemented technology into her social enterprise to tackle issues on social impact. Just at the age of 16 years old, Irawadee Thawornbut, is the founder of Sandee for Good.

Irawadee ThawornbutTell us a little bit about what you’re doing

Currently in her 10th Grade, Bai-dteuy Irawadee Thawornbut is running a social enterprise call ‘Sandee for Good’. Sandee for Good is an online marketplace where donors can buy, order, and ship donating goods straight to foundations and non-profits without ever leaving their house. 

Sandee for Good’s goal is to provide accessible help to non-profits no matter where they are, henceforth distance does not affect the amount of help they will receive.

Irawadee Thawornbut

Sandee for GoodWhat was the inspiration to start Sandee for Good?

“Working with non-profits around my area, finding out that a lot of non-profits weren’t in the metropolitan and city area. I realised that they weren’t able to get much help because people will not be able to travel to them as much as other non-profits in the city” – Irawadee Thawornbut.

She then decided to tackle this challenge by creating a way where help is accessible anywhere through online donations and shipping using post and Kerry.

How did you get the name ‘Sandee’ from?

The name Sandee came from the Greek Great name, which means protector of mankind. In other words, Sandee is like a feminine version of Alexander the Great.

What Inspired you onto all this path in the first place? Before you started, were you at all interested in tech? 

Previously, Irawadee was involved in technology, but was not aware that entrepreneurship was for kids. She was mainly focusing on techy stuff like robot competitions, making solar powered car.

It was 2 years ago where she applied for the position of Club President for the organisation called LaunchX, where they provide entrepreneurship materials and course materials to high school students around the world. It’s a student led-entrepreneurship club, and her team started a company and pitched in LaunchX Asia . From there, they became finalist in LaunchX Asia Regional Demo Day Finalist (2018), Global Demo Day Finalist at MIT (2018), to a LaunchX Asia Regional Director, where she organized the first Asia Regional Demo Day in Bangkok (2019). 

“LaunchX taught me the skills of learning by taking risks as I try new things, and that comfort zones do not exist” – Irawadee Thawornbut

Who is your role model?

Irawadee: Someone who has been my role model for entrepreneurship was definitely Elon Musk. He’s like a mastermind. I love his idea of no limits. That’s something I live for. It’s the fact that he started Paypal, he could have stopped there, other people would  have stopped there. But he went on with SpaceX and Tesla. And that’s really inspired me.

“He doesn’t let people set limits for him, but he just kept setting a higher milestone for himself by himself. And I feel like that’s what I inspired to do in the future. It’s always improving always evolving and not stopping.” – Irawadee Thawornbut

 If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Irawadee: I wish that there could be a special power that just suddenly blasts a billion questions on people’s heads all over the world and if people knew how much that was left unanswered, it will be easier for everyone to help and make this world better. 

What is the question you want answered? 

Irawadee: How are we going to tackle climate change. Nothing will matter if we don’t have a world to live in, so I want to find a way to effectively tackle climate change. 

What is one message you’d like to give to someone who wants to give back?

Irawadee: I would say to everyone to always remember that helping your community is like helping yourself, because by improving people around you, the community around you becomes better, and in return, your quality of life becomes better as well. 

We are so excited to have you as one of our speakers for Techsauce Global Summit this year. How do you feel about it?

Irawadee: It’s my first year , and I’m really excited to be attending Techsauce this year. I’ve heard great things about this event and about the people I’m going to meet. I can’t wait to meet everyone that’s coming to this event to share ideas, passions, and just get inspired. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone.

With a young heart filled with curiosity and fantasy, everyone is looking forward to meet her. What are you waiting for? Catch this amazing young entrepreneur at the Techsauce Global Summit 2019! Buy your tickets here:


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