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What to expect from speakers of 2018’s Techsauce Global Summit

Panel discussion from Techsauce Summit 2017

Techsauce Global Summit 2018 is back, this year being bigger than ever! This time, the summit is heavily focused on deep-tech topics, set up with many stages from the intangible Blockchain and FinTech to giant-scale BioTech and EnergyTech. With over 10,000 global participants hailing from all over the world, whether you are a startup, corporate firm, a tech enthusiast, an investor or a curious individual, get ready to have your mind blown with the amount of knowledge sharing from this conference.

The line-up speakers this year not only include tech experts and leaders from Ethereum, DBS Bank, Garena and many other world-class companies, but we also have knowledgeable investors from top-tier venture capitals and angel funds who will be sharing their insights on working with growing startups. Here are some speakers whose talk you don’t want to miss:

JOSEPH LUBIN – Founder of Ethereum

Joseph Lunbin

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency caught the world’s attention when Bitcoin skyrocketed late last year, making many “investors” enthusiastic in putting money into this area of tech and urging people to seek on what exactly Blockchain technology is. However, questions and skepticism also arise from each and every direction on whether decentralization can solve all problems and also to what degree of transparency will blockchain offer. Joseph, being a specialist in this field, will focus on these topics - catch him at The Financial World Today and What to Expect for Tomorrow and Decentralizing Benefits and Challenges sessions on day 2.

DAVID BROWN – CEO of Techstars

David Brown (Photo credit: Start Land News)

Having founded three startups and been involved with two others, David is a serial entrepreneur who is dedicated in helping entrepreneurs succeed. At this year’s Techsauce Summit, he will address challenges faced by internal organization team in big corporations through different perspectives and how to build capacity within the organization to optimize internal resources. Additionally, on day 2, he will be speaking on Creating the Worldwide Network for Entrepreneurs at the mainstage.


Neal Cross (Photo credit: DBS)

Neal Cross is a Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer of DBS Bank and a strong advocate for innovative thinking and culture. Spot him speaking at the mainstage on day 1 where he will be discussing alongside other keynote speakers about the importance for corporations to seek and adapt to digital transformation with emergence of new technology in this digital age. On day 2, he will give his insights about how and in what ways advancing technology is affecting the labour market.

MANEERUT ANULOMSOMBUT – CEO of Thailand, Sea (Garena)  

Maneerut Anulomsombut (Photo credit: Brand Inside)

Catch Maneerut at the main stage during panel discussion Exit Strategy: The Ultimate Destination for Entrepreneurs, where she will share her experience on her success story with Garena and discuss about the exit strategy and various alternatives for startups. When entrepreneurs run a successful startup and reach a certain point with great-performing financing, they often ask “what next?”. If that’s you, then this panel discussion is something you’d not like to miss. At this session, the panelists will also touch on topics regarding preparation for IPO and choosing the right partner for M&A.


Photo credit: O'Reilly

Coming from Gojek, an Indonesian-based unicorn startup which has been growing exponentially, Ajey will speak alongside David Brown as one of the panelists to discuss how a fast-growing organization should cope with the fast-pace changes. On top of that in other session, Ajey will also be discussing on how Platformatization can help tech entrepreneurs in leveraging their strategy in a booming region like South East Asia.

GRACE YUN XIA – Principal at Jungle Ventures  

Grace Yun Xia

Grace started her career as a management consultant, specializing in financial sectors, before going on to work with Tencent as a senior director of corporate strategy and investment prior to joining Jungle Ventures. With abundant experience and expertise in business development, corporate strategy and investment in both Silicon Valley and Asia, Grace will be speaking at VC stage, addressing The Venture Capital Model in a Post-ICO World. FinTech enthusiasts should not miss out on this session.

Enough said, check out the summit’s agenda and come see them live for yourself this Friday and Saturday!


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