Seekster’s Big Leap with visionary partners

Seekster, the hottest Startup graduated from DTAC Accelerate Batch 5 (one of the Best Performing Startups of Batch 5) and Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch 0, as a platform of Cleaning and Maintenance Service for properties announces its Seed funding from 3 investors including DTAC Accelerate, Digital Ventures, and 500 TukTuks to strengthen its service and…... read more

T2P gets series A funding from J Venture and joins dtac accelerate program to scale up in the global level

Global Expansion Track is the latest program to be introduced by dtac accelerate with the ambition to widen opportunities for highly capable Thai start-up companies to scale up in the global level. The program will leverage Telenor Group’s global digital capability in possibly penetrate into 13 markets of 200 million customers. A selected Thai startup…... read more

The Art of Global Corporate Venture Capital: Success cases and learning from around the world

  There is a pyramid in the investing world - from bootstrapping to crowd-funding, angel investors, Venture Capitalists, and at the very top are Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVC). There are many entrepreneurs who dream of getting advice, let alone funding, from CVC’s who are usually out of reach. During Techsauce Global Summit 2017, entrepreneurs and…... read more

E-Payment Success in a Largely Cash-Reliant Market: How True Money quickly scaled to 60% of SEA

From cable television and telecom to content-creation and coffee, True Corporation is one of the largest and most far-reaching business organizations in Thailand. True’s influence extends even into the payment business, with True Money – the corporation’s financial technology subsidiary – continuing to become more and more diverse and versatile as the years go by,…... read more

Muang Thai Life & Prenetics: Why Unlocking the Secret Of Your DNA Could Biohack the Insurance Industry

“Insurance is teaming up with health-tech in an effort to make people truly aware of their health and bodies.” That was the idea behind a speech by Nadia Suttikulpanich, Head of Fuchsia Innovation Center of Muang Thai Life Assurance, and Danny Yeung, CEO at Prenetics. Insurance is currently not the top of mind product for…... read more

Creating Successful Corporate Collaboration with Start-ups: Learning from DTAC

Anyone in Thailand knows dtac. One of the triumvirate of telecom overlords in Thailand (the other two being True and AIS), dtac has also become one of Thailand’s key players in the start-up scene in recent years, thanks to their dtac Accelerate incubator program, which has so far generated over 30 high-value start-ups such as Skootar, Takemetour…... read more