SCG’s New Investment Arm AddVentures Seeks Startups Who Are Ready to Grow in Leaps and Bounds

What kind of startups are being sought out by SCG’s new investment arm AddVentures? Those who are ready to grow in leaps and bounds. There’s been growing momentum for SCG, an 104-year-old Thai enterprise that started out first as a cement business, and widened into three business groups, investing in Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos,…... read more

Mitr Phol Group kicks off pitching stage for bio-based startups at Techsauce Global Summit 2017 to find innovations that will drive Thai agricultural sector and Bio-Economy

The upcoming Techsauce Global Summit 2017 will feature several highlights including an open stage for bio-based startups to pitch their ideas and innovations to Mitr Phol Group. The pitch session will provide unique opportunities to bio-based startups and individuals to present in front of and exchange ideas with Value Creation experts from Mitr Phol Group.…... read more

Lalamove’s successful expansion should inspire Hong Kong startups and investors to look at Thailand

Hongkongers know Thailand as a getaway for beautiful sandy beaches, fresh and healthy food. What about technology and growth? On July 28-29, 6,000 founders, startups, venture capitalists, angel investors and corporates will gather in Bangkok for Techsauce Global Summit 2017 - the largest tech gathering on the Indochinese Peninsula. While Hong Kong is a starting…... read more

10 Major Tech Events in Thailand and Southeast Asia that you should definitely be aware of

The tech conference scene in Thailand & Southeast Asia is more vibrant than you think. Find out from this roundup of 10 major tech conferences in Thailand and Southeast Asia! Every year as summer rolls around in hot and humid little Southeast Asia the tech world also goes on fire with so many tech conferences to choose from - some of them hosted in close succession or back-to-back. Wondering what are the main tech events in Thailand and Southeast Asia... read more

Thailand’s Startup Ecosystem: The Long Road Ahead

A few weeks ago, I posted a comparative analysis of startup ecosystems around the world as part of a trip debrief following a 5-company delegation that Digital Ventures/Siam Commercial Bank led to Israel. The analysis centered around Israel’s status as the “Startup Nation”, and looked at its startup ecosystem side-by-side with leading ecosystems in the…... read more