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Mediagazer introduces ads for media jobs, and Techmeme's job ads now extend to its mobile site

For nearly four years, Techmeme has offered space on our front page for companies to advertise that they're hiring, and link their job offerings. Unlike typical job boards, Techmeme's hiring area is more of a meta job board, in that it features individual companies rather than individual jobs. Instead of a job description, entries contain a short tagline pitching the company. This unique format, in which companies compose succinct ad copy specifically for Techmeme, was noted at places like TechCrunch when it was first unveiled. More recently, Quartz took a closer look at all the ways companies have presented themselves through taglines in our hiring section over the years. Today we're expanding our job ad offerings in several ways: 1. Techmeme's mobile site now includes a tab listing these hiring links in full. Previously, hiring links only appeared for visitors to the full desktop site. 2. We've introduced job ads on Mediagazer, Techmeme's sister site for media industry news. These spots will appear both on Mediagazer's desktop and mobile sites, but with a conventional touch: they'll feature individual jobs instead of companies. Why individual jobs? Unlike many of the tech companies advertising on Techmeme, publications usually need to fill only a few specific roles, not dozens. Because entries are jobs, you may see multiple listings from the same company, unlike on Techmeme. Mediagazer's job ads are in fact the only advertisement of any sort on the site, which doesn't offer the paid event listings or sponsor posts available on Techmeme. We've populated Mediagazer's listings with jobs from several media companies at no cost, but will phase out most of these free spots in the weeks ahead. 3. Mediagazer's ads now also appear on memeorandum's desktop and mobile sites. memeorandum is a predecessor of Techmeme that covers political and general news. It still has no human editors, and displays all the idiosyncrasies that come with that. Because it's a sort of reference site for many political bloggers, it makes sense to include Mediagazer's job listing here too.