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BEYOND Expo and Asian Family Legacy Foundation to Co-Host Exclusive Wealth Summit at Macao

BEYOND Expo, Asia’s premier technology event, and the esteemed Asian Family Legacy Foundation announces the co-hosting of the BEYOND Wealth Summit 2024, under the theme “Navigating the Complexities of Modern Wealth”.  This invite-only summit, tailored exclusively for allocators such as family offices, institutional investors etc. is a pivotal component of BEYOND Expo 2024 (May 22-25). Taking place on May 24, 2024, at The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo, Macao, the BEYOND Wealth Summit will explore global investment trends, family legacy preservation, philanthropy, and purpose-driven wealth etc.

Navigating the complexities of modern wealth is not just a matter of financial acumen, it is a journey through shifting landscapes, evolving technologies, and dynamic global economies. The BEYOND Wealth Summit is designed to serve as a compass, guiding attendees through this intricate terrain with precision and insight.

BEYOND Wealth Summit promises elite discussions led by global leading allocators and industry experts, intended to shape lasting impact in the ever-evolving landscape of global wealth management. It aims to foster stronger connections with these decision-makers through the summit.

The BEYOND Wealth Summit proudly anticipates a gathering of more than 200 distinguished global allocators, highlighting the event’s significant global footprint. Among these allocators, we expect to welcome over 150 esteemed family offices from 30 different countries and an impressive collective of more than 50 institutional investors, including endowments, pensions, corporate venture capitals, and sovereign wealth funds. This convergence of financial acumen and global perspective underscores the summit’s prominence as a nexus for investment expertise. Participants will harness this platform to share insights and cultivate relationships with esteemed global allocators. The rich diversity of the gathering spotlights the BEYOND Wealth Summit’s role as a leading summit in wealth management, marking its global relevance.

“We are excited to partner with the Asian Family Legacy Foundation to co-host the BEYOND Wealth Summit 2024. Through this transformative event, our commitment lies in delivering impactful sessions customized for global family offices and LPs. Together, we unite esteemed global families and top investors to tackle the complexities of modern wealth management, and our mission is to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge and resources to navigate this multifaceted landscape with confidence and achieve success.” – Jason Ho, Co-founder of BEYOND Expo.

“We are thrilled to co-host the BEYOND Wealth Summit alongside Beyond Expo, an alliance that resonates deeply with the mission of the Asian Family Legacy Foundation. Together, we are dedicated to fostering a trusted circle for the world’s distinguished families. Through the summit, we aim to facilitate meaningful dialogues that navigate the complexities of wealth and legacy, while fostering impactful global connections. It is our collective vision to help craft lasting family legacies that not only stand the test of time but also contribute to a rich cultural and societal tapestry for future generations.” — Michael Zhu, Chair of Board of Directors at the Asian Family Legacy Foundation

Discussion topics at the BEYOND Wealth Summit will span investment strategies in the AI era, navigating cross-border asset allocation strategies, exploring opportunities and challenges in emerging markets, and delving into the evolving landscape of impact investing and ESG considerations.

LPs and family offices can expect:

  • Closed-door discussions focusing on global investment strategies.
  • Insightful sessions covering legacy preservation, next-gen wealth management, and more.
  • Exploration of various topics including impact investing, art, philanthropy, and beyond.
  • Invite-only networking opportunities in a private, laid-back environment tailored for global allocators, including family offices, institutional investors and other LPs.

In addition, BEYOND Expo 2024 offers exclusive summit and events tailored for investors and GPs alike throughout the expo period, from May 23-25, including Global Investment Summit, Investor Lounge, Gala Dinner, and the invite-only Charity Poker Night for investors. These opportunities allow GPs and investors to engage with industry experts and network with peers while exploring investment prospects. Moreover, the broader expo provides a platform for LPs, GPs, and the wider community to convene and exchange insights, fostering collaboration and growth in the wealth management landscape.

To register for the BEYOND Wealth Summit – LPs and Family Offices only:

View the full schedule of BEYOND Wealth Summit speakers and events, and to request an invitation, please visit:

To register for the Investor Pass at BEYOND Expo 2024 – GPs and investors:

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