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10 cool startups from this year's Pioneers ' 18 in Vienna

While Techsauce was at this year's Pioneers'18 conference there were many tech startups that caught our eye. We have compiled a list of the top 10 influential tech startups from this year's platform and how they will benefit each industry through revolutionary technology.

Pioneers offer a quality database of European early-stage startups, a consultancy base driving innovation, incorporates the public sector, investment services, and inspirational online/offline experiences.  Pioneers also seek to shape the future of corporates by introducing new entrepreneurial tools, methods, and culture. 

Below is an in-depth look at the startups that grabbed Techsauce's attention:


Exomys develops passive modular exoskeletons for industrial application and logistics, supporting employees during long shifts standing upright or when carrying heavy loads. The first module can be used as an invisible chair to allow workers to rest anywhere. By taking the load off the body, it increases productivity, prevents injuries and enables high performance for a longer period. Exoskeleton technology doesn't require electricity for people to carry heavy stuff.


'CoolMen is a groundbreaking solution for the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility. Lowering the scrotum temperature improves the number, mobility, and quality of spermatozoa. Reduced testicle temperature is needed to prevent pathological DNA fragmentation. (Radoslaw Maksym, MD Ph.D., EAA clinical andrologist.)

This will dramatically enhance and improve the lives of men who want to conceive but can't. This is really showcasing that revolutionary health tech is real and can make an impact on people's lives.


ThinAir is developing technology to utilize this incredible source of water to provide clean, sustainable water. ThinAir creates atmospheric Water generation that is creating energy passive systems. This is crucial across the globe and is much needed for safe, clean and unpolluted water. By having technology developed, this will ensure it is done quickly and more efficiently. 

ThinAir technology has the potential to support farmers through drought, replace environmentally damaging practices such as desalination and groundwater extraction, and provide a decentralized source of water for future cities.

GEA enzymes

The world’s most advanced industrial protein builder. From creating better fats to designing better glucose binders for pharmaceuticals. This piece of advanced technology can really improve the health industry and help to create useful, body beneficial nutrients that help to improve the person physiology from the inside.

Tap to Speak

This piece of technology turns smartphones into feedback machines. Real-time audio and text communication, polls & surveys. This helps brands to gain data, insight into the market through analytical results to encourage more user and client interaction.


Robo Wunderkind is a robotics kit featuring an intuitive Robo Code App. Kids can experiment putting blocks together in different ways to create real, functioning robots. In other words, kids make cool robots from building blocks while learning to code. This helps kids to discover the act of learning and to experiment with the early introduction of robotics as for this generation, Robotics will become more and more integrated and a way of life for them in every way.


Spaceflow transforms physical buildings into a human experience. Changing the way people connect with the spaces around them and with each other, Spaceflow makes life more convenient and enjoyable. This technological platform raises the value of an asset. It helps Landlords who build a relationship and customer-oriented property management. Spaceflow provides the platform for space as service that ultimately raises the value of this asset.


This interactive piece of technology, AmblyoPlay is vision therapy for children with difficulties with their visual system, such as convergence insufficiency, lazy eye, strabismus and many others. Therapy is conducted through playing different games that stimulate the weaker eye, as well as encourage good cooperation of both eyes. Vision therapy is performed on a computer or tablet for 30 minutes daily. Each training session is composed of fun and engaging games with challenging exercises for strengthening eye muscles and eye-brain coordination.


Guidebot revolutionizes retail assistance by introducing an AR navigation and assistance system. A virtual character of your choice guides you through any indoor or outdoor location and assists in any language using the latest AI chatbot technology.


This handy piece of technology can turn any image into AR. This helps to bring the image into the virtual world and becomes more interactive.


Thailand has its very own Tech startup platform that connects innovative startups with key influential investors. For more information on how you can be part of this ecosystem builder follow the link below:





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