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Innov8rs Connect Unconference 2021: ESG Investing Takes Off in Southeast Asia

Paul Ark, ESG & Sustainability Advisor to pan-Asian venture capital firm Gobi Partners hosts a special session, “ESG Investing Takes Off in Southeast Asia” as part of Innov8rs Connect Unconference 2021.

Central Pattana, GLAND Develop Urban Vegetable Farm ‘g Garden’ In Rama 9 Area As Inspiration To Urbanites And To Help Generate Income For Farmers

Central Pattana plc. (CPN) has launched “g Garden – urban farming & farmers connected” in Phra Ram 9 as a pilot project to turn land plots waiting for construction into green spaces where farmers can generate income all year round.

Creativity hits the runway at Paris Fashion Week 2021

Fashion as an industry, has long influenced culture, and provided a platform for creative expression. Yet, while seemingly predominantly female, it remains heavily male-run. More t...

Banpu Promotes "Driving Thailand's E-Mobility”; Inviting Youths to Join a Board Game Design Contest That Answers to the Trend of Future

After the success of the board game design contest under the “Energy on Board by BANPU B-Sports Thailand” project last year, Banpu continued the project again in the second year wi...

Doctor Anywhere's Pandemic Journey,Their Presence in Thailand and Next Steps After Its Series C Funding

With that, Techsauce had an interview with Lim Wai Mun Founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere to find out more about their experience in these pandemic times. He shared with us their c...

SPACs and Their Presence in Southeast Asia

SPACs are shell companies with no actual commercial activities that are formed for the purpose of raising capital through an initial public offering (IPO). It comes with many benef...

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