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Techsauce Global Summit 2023 Concludes with Resounding Success, Shattering Participation Record with Over 16,000 Attendees, Reinforcing Its Role as a Key in the Digital Gateway of Southeast Asia

The Techsauce Global Summit 2023, the largest technology conference in Southeast Asia, took place on August 16-17. The event concluded with great success amidst extensive collaboration from both local and international networks.

Asia Pacific Goes Green: Pushing for Sustainable Solutions, Says Deloitte Report

A new insight released by Deloitte highlights APAC eco-consciousness is growing and the consumers are ready and prepared to pay more for sustainable products and system

SCB 10X invests in AI21 Labs, a pioneer in the generative AI, in Series C Funding Round

SCB 10X invests in AI21 Labs, a pioneer in the generative AI, in Series C Funding Round...

Transfer Pricing under Pillar 2 (Global Minimum Tax)

A key weapon used by tax authorities in combatting tax evasion by MNEs (Multinational Enterprises) around the globe has been transfer pricing (TP) rules....

KBTG launches KXVC, a $100m Fund targeting AI and Web3 in APAC

KBTG launches KXVC - 100 million USD flagship fund targeting AI, Web3, and Deep Tech fintech startups globally with potential synergy in APAC...

INCREDIBLE™ Juice Announces Singapore as its Premiere Market for the Revolutionary World's First Near Zero Sugar Juice

INCREDIBLE™ Juice announces Singapore as its premiere market for the revolutionary World's First Near Zero Sugar Juice by a new regulations are set to extend the Nutri-grade label ...

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