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An Interview with Investible: A niche Angel Investor

As the Techsauce Global Summit is approaching, this platform is all about connecting and enabling startups to meet potential investors and industry experts to grow their business. We decided to interview one of the top niche angel investors to gain insight into what makes a successful, collaborative investment.

Creel Price: one of the Investible Co-founders, who spoke at last year's Techsauce global summit gave us an exclusive interview into what this niche group of angel investors do and their plans for future.

Investible is an early-stage investment group that provides high potential founders with the financial, human and intellectual capital needed to scale. Investibles’ mission is to de-risk angel investment on a global scale. Investible has developed a comprehensive methodology to source, screen, secure and support the best early stage companies.

 What inspired you to start the company?

 Entrepreneurs are creating the jobs of the future. We love working with early-stage founders to solve real-world problems and help them scale globally.

What makes you unique from the rest of the investor companies out there?

Filling the gap between Angel funding and traditional Venture Capital Funding. We give a wider group of investors access to our deal flow and our unique IP and events.

What are the challenges you face as a niche investment firm?

We have a lot of startups and businesses coming through our doors. Screening the 8,000 businesses we see each year and turning them into 25-40 investments is an extremely hard task.

What is it that you look for in a startup when investing?

We have a comprehensive set of criteria we call the Investibility Index.

16 factors that cover articulation, business and deal elements.

You mention you are all about de-risking Angel Investment: Could you explain more about this and what your approach is in terms of early-stage funding?

The best way to de-risk early stage investment is to have a large portfolio spread across numerous industries and geographies. We use our data-driven process to ensure we can source, screen, secure and support a large portfolio.

What does your mentorship program entail and what do you offer startups besides financial stability?

Its called 'Circle Membership', it includes a mastermind group, network access and individual coaching and mentoring.

In terms of tech startups, what country, business or product has really grabbed your attention recently and sparked investment?

The future of AI and the efficiencies it can bring to a wide variety of industries is super exciting.

In terms of countries, each one has something unique to bring to the table in terms of technological startups.

What advice do you have for tech startups looking for investment?

Pitch often but look for investors who add value to your business more than purely financial.

In the future, do you have plans to expand or make any changes in your business?

Yes, we plan to be global in 40 cities across eight regions, including South-East Asia.



Described by Sir Richard Branson as ‘the living, breathing definition of an entrepreneur’, Creel Price is one of Australia’s most prolific entrepreneurs. He co-founded Blueprint Management Group in 1996 with just $10,000 in the capital and sold it a decade later for $109 million. Following this success, Creel has been championing entrepreneurship and social enterprise in Australia and around the globe for almost a decade.

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