[Infographic] Everything you should know about CLAIM DI: The App that Reinvented Auto Insurance | Techsauce

[Infographic] Everything you should know about CLAIM DI: The App that Reinvented Auto Insurance

Possibly the only thing worse than being the victim of a car accident is having to wait almost three hours for the insurance representative to arrive on the scene before you can carry on with your day. Luckily, there’s a mobile application that you can download for free to provide an answer to all of that, and it comes in the name of “Claim Di”.

Claim Di is one of the most successful Thai startups that you should watch! The full journey of Clam Di by Techsauce is now developed into an infographic by our partner Infofed. In less than 3 minutes you're going to understand everything you should know about Claim Di including

  • How it works
  • Company Journey
  • Product line
  • Recognitions
  • Funding records
  • Model and partnership
  • Etc.

Read the full story of Claim Di in plain English here.

claim di b2b insurance startup story

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