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A Complete Story of "Claim Di": The App that Reinvented Auto Insurance

Possibly the only thing worse than being the victim of a car accident is having to wait almost three hours for the insurance representative to arrive on the scene before you can carry on with your day. Luckily, there’s a mobile application that you can download for free to provide an answer to all of that, and it comes in the name of “Claim Di”. Available on the App Store and Google Play, Claim Di’s “Knock for Knock” (K4K) feature allows both parties in the accident to make an insurance claim on their own by simply shaking their device next to the other party’s device to activate Claim Di’s instant issue claim reports. A simple photo can be taken through the app to send to their respective insurance firms as well as the ability to search and book for a nearby car mechanic garage.

Want to learn about Claim Di with the infographic version? Visit this post.

claim di k4k shake

The Begining of the Story

Launched in 2011 with developer Anywhere2Go under CEO Kittinan Anuphan, the app is formed by the Anywhere2Go team who have been around since 2000, meaning that the developers behind Claim Di have more than 16 years of experience in developing software for auto insurance industry under their belt. After facing software copycat issues, they decided to develop Claim Di - a hub that can link everyone in the auto insurance company together rather than being a software solely for enterprises. In this way, the startup has set itself apart from many others in Thailand by positioning itself as a B2B2C model and forming a wholesome ecosystem for all members of the auto insurance industry.

Kittinan Anuphan - CEO of Anywhere2Go

Impact of Claim Di

The result is a simple yet effective solution to an everyday problem that Bangkok is desperately in need of, thanks to the 14 million accident-related insurance claims that happen a year, each of which needs to wait up to 3 hours on the scene for a surveyor to arrive. It is these factors that arguably make Claim Di so interesting to investors as a startup: its ability to solve a problem in such a way that benefits all members involved in the situation. Because on top of the consumer benefits, the app also helps the partnered insurance companies to reduce operation costs as well as remove the possibility of fraud, while the general public also benefits from no traffic congestion around the accident area.

Awards and Recognitions

Claim Di has since climbed the ranks to become one of Thailand’s biggest success stories in the startup scene. It has won awards including the Thailand ICT Awards, the ASEAN ICT Awards, APICTA Awards and many more. Arguably the biggest milestone to kick off its success, however, was back in 2014 when it earned itself the Digital Winner of Dtac Accelerate, the digital communication’s startup accelerator program, leading the team to represent Thailand in Norway at the IT forum in Telenor alongside names like Facebook, Twitter and IBM. Now in 2016, Claim Di’s CEO Kittinan Anuphan has risen to become one of the mentors in the program itself grooming up young entrepreneurs.

To add to the app’s massive success,  the startup received a series-A funding in November 2015 worth $2million/B71.6 billion from various global investors including Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, 500 Durians, dtac Accelerate and more. The massive investment was the largest ever fund-raising by a Thai start-up and opened up a lot of doors for software development, new features and huge market expansion, making Claim Di a force to be reckoned with amongst its competitors.

The Ecosystem of Claim Di

Since then, the app has partnered itself with more than 30 local and international insurance companies including Muang Thai Insurance, AXA, Allianz, Thaisri Insurance and many more. It has also expanded to include Claim Di Call, an outsourced call service for insurance companies, and Claim Di Bike, a car-accident survey service that facilitates accident surveyors to the site of the accident that provides payment and benefits for policyholder claimants. They also plan to launch Claim Di assist, a roadside assistance service to help provide towing, fuels, tires, jump-start and other mechanic help required on the road. Combined with its K4K feature, the app is clearly much more than just a software developer but a business that is attempting to be the central hub for the entire car insurance industry in Thailand and beyond.

Claim Di Bike - On-demand Surveyor Service

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to startups it seems that Claim Di has hit all the boxes. It has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to understand for people of all ages, it targets a specific but urgent problem in society and it offers a simple but effective solution. The problem is undeniably a global one, yet one that many other countries have not found a solution for, meaning that Claim Di has high potential to expand exponentially abroad. Now with Thailand’s startup scene also booming more than ever thanks to the rise in government funding, VC interest, coworking spaces and startup-related events and workshops, Claim Di finds itself as one of the frontrunners in the country that has paved the way for many rising startups to follow. As the startup aims to expand into Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, its revenue is expected to grow tenfold in the next couple of years, making it a name considered as possibly one of the most successful startups Thailand has ever produced.


Techsauce together with Infofed also develops an infographic version of this full story in which you can skim in less than 3 minutes. Visit here or click at the image below.

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