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Kubix Destiny Tokens Give Fans Opportunity to Invest in BuppeSanNivas 2

The Thai film industry is undergoing an extraordinary transformation as blockchain technology now enables the general public and investors to invest in movies.  For the first time in history, Thailand has launched its first digital investment token, the Destiny token, which can be used to invest in BuppeSanNivas 2.  It is also the first digital token of Kubix that fully describes the earn-to-invest experience. 

Kubix joins forces with GDH 559 Co., Ltd. and Broadcast Thai Television Co. Ltd. in offering the DESTINY Token, a digital token that can be used to invest in the Thai movie, BuppeSanNivas 2.  It gives the opportunity for fans and investors to officially be investors of the film.  DESTINY tokens can be ordered on the Kubix application from May 23, 2022 onwards.  It is the first digital token to be made available for order on the platform.

Investing in Movie Productions via Kubix ICO Portal 

Apinya Ruangthaveekun, Managing Director of Kubix Digital Asset Company Limited (Kubix), a company within the Kasikorn Bank group and an Initial Coin Offering Portal (ICO Portal) licensed by the SEC, describes this form of investment.  “After receiving an official license from the SEC, Kubix, a new ICO portal under Kasikorn Bank, has been able to officially launch its digital offering service as of January 12, 2022.  It is the first digital token to revolutionize the investment world as it joined forces with the entertainment industry to create the Destiny token, which is expected to be a great success as it creates a new investment experience that has never been seen before.”

“ICO or digital token offerings is the process of tokenizing physical assets, which is the conversion of assets into digital form. This is done with blockchain technology and smart contracts, which are secure, transparent, and reliable.  When assets are in the form of digital tokens, investors can set ownership rights and the rights to returns of the converted assets. This is the turning point for those interested in fundraising.  Project owners are now able to offer tokens to investors more easily throughout the entire digital experience process.

A total of 16,087 digital tokens will be offered for sale, totaling 265,227,633 million Baht in funding.

From the success of the BuppeSanNivas series fever, it is now time to create a new historical moment within the Thai film industry as everyone will have the opportunity to invest in BuppeSanNivas 2.  Investors stand to gain returns from their investment financially and get other benefits.

The 3 Types of Destiny Tokens and Their Benefits

1. I am Glad Token: Priced at 5,559 Baht with 15,559 tokens in total. Benefits include:

  • A special edition BuppeSanNivas 2 t-shirt and postcard
  • Tickets to an exclusive screening of BuppeSanNivas 2 on July 26, 2022 before its official release to the public (2 privileges)
  • Movie ticket discounts for BuppeSanNivas 2 valued at 40 Baht (2 privileges)
  • Discounts for popcorn purchases at the cinema valued at 40 Baht (10 privileges)

2. I am Delighted Token: Priced at 155,559 Baht with 459 tokens in total. Benefits include:

Tickets to an exclusive screening of BuppeSanNivas 2 on July 26, 2022 before its official release to the public and passes to join in activities with actors from the movie in the cinema (2 privileges)

  • A stamp collection and a collar shirt from the movie BuppeSanNivas 2 
  • Have your name appear as a “Special Destiny Executive Producer” in the end credits of BuppeSanNivas 2 (This is a very exclusive privilege.)
  • 2 BuppeSanNivas 2 digital posters with the token holder’s name and 2 movie tickets to see BuppeSanNivas 2 
  • Movie ticket discounts for BuppeSanNivas 2 valued at 100 Baht.  (10 privileges)
  • Discounts for popcorn purchases at the cinema valued at 40 Baht (10 privileges)

3. I am Happy Token: Priced at 1,555,559 Baht with 69 tokens in total.  Benefits include:

Invitations to a luncheon with the director and actors of the movie that include commemorative photos of the event.  VIP passes to attend the world premiere of the movie on July 25, 2022.  (2 privileges) 

  • Stamps, souvenirs, and a special postcard collection of BuppeSanNivas 2. 
  • Have your name appear as a “Special Destiny Executive Producer” in the end credits of BuppeSanNivas 2 (This is a very exclusive privilege.) 
  • A BuppeSanNivas 2 digital poster with the token holder’s name 
  • Movie tickets to see BuppeSanNivas 2 (10 privileges)
  • Movie ticket discounts for BuppeSanNivas 2 valued at 100 Baht (50 privileges)
  • Discounts for popcorn purchases at the cinema valued at 40 Baht (10 privileges)

What type of investment are DESTINY tokens?

According to the SEC, the definition of digital assets is divided into 2 types: 

1. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which often have price fluctuations, are high risk trading and investments.

2. Digital Tokens, which the SEC has divided into investment tokens and utility tokens  

Yanwit Raksri, Managing Director, Kubix Digital Asset explains what the Destiny token is.  “DESTINY tokens are not cryptocurrency. Part of it is made up of projects.  Therefore they have tangible value in the real world. There is also no price volatility.  The principal invested will be fully refunded. They are categorized as investment tokens that investors are confident in. They are like bonds that last no more than two years.

“The similarity of Destiny tokens to bonds and their exclusive designs make them low risk investments. There is low risk in steep price decline and the price will remain stable until the token reaches its maturity. This is when token owners get the full amount of the principal they invested. This is an advantage of our Destiny tokens. There are also various benefits in the form of utility tokens that can be used. The benefits are in the form of ready-to-use, which means they can be used immediately. In addition to monetary returns, there are benefits that money cannot buy. Therefore we would like to offer these investment opportunities.”   

Destiny Token Characteristics  

  1. Investment returns including principal 

  2. The price does not fluctuate. 

  3. Priceless experiences 

  4. BuppeSanNivas 2 from GDH 559

Destiny Tokens, Digital Tokens for Investment 

  1. There are not only financial rewards, but various benefits that meet the lifestyle needs of Thais from the people behind the designs of tokens and technology of Kubix ICO Portal. 
  2. The returns on investments of all 3 tokens are at 2.99% per annum of the investment value. 
  3. Should BuppeSanNivas 2 earn up to 1 billion Baht in Thailand, Destiny tokens will pay an additional bonus of 2.01% per year, totaling 5% per year.  
  4. The project is valid for no more than 2 years from the initial starting date. 
  5. Digital token issuers can buyback digital tokens before the tokens reach the 2-year maturity date as of March 1, 2023.
  6. In addition to monetary returns, token holders will also receive benefits that the tokens provide.

Kubix Portal, An Investment With More Than Monetary Returns 

Kubix is an ICO portal that is a One Stop Service for issuing ICOs. These investments are more relatable and profitable than the investment made. Kubix strives to integrate finance, technology, and lifestyle to provide investors with something far more valuable than their monetary returns whether it be unique “earnings” investors help to create, unique experiences investors have, or investments into trustworthy projects.

“Since the launch of Destiny tokens, there has been a large amount of interest. However the process of accessing digital assets is considered to be rather new. It might take some time to understand how the whole process of acquiring the assets works.  For future projects, Kubix will go into a variety of industries. As an investor we want to create diverse investments, whether it be projects in the entertainment or real estate industries. We are looking for projects or assets that are easy to understand and have attractive infrastructures,” adds Apinya Ruangthaveekoon, Managing Director, Kubix Digital Asset.

Kubix wants to open a new digital investment world, where the “Real world” can connect with the “Digital world” to create investment opportunities and grow businesses.  When these two worlds come together, there will be a shift that will make investments more exciting and interesting.

Destiny Tokens’ goals and transparency has attracted much interest from investors and the general public. Kubix aims to issue more investment tokens in the future in many different industries. In the future there are plans to launch utility tokens as well in accordance with the scope of the ICO Portal and within the legal scope of Thailand.

The investment structure of Destiny Token. The issuer of Destiny tokens is Special Destiny Co. Ltd. with GDH 559 Co., Ltd. holding 70% and Broadcast Thai Television Co. Ltd. 30% of the shares. This fundraising aims to invest in an investment agreement in order to obtain returns from the movie BuppeSanNivas 2  through various screenings and distribution channels. This includes benefits that come with each type of token.

Therefore, the DESTINY token is considered to be the first digital investment token in Thailand.  In addition to monetary returns, it also provides many benefits to investors.  This is what makes the Destiny token attractive to not only investors, but Thai movie fans.  This is the first time in Thailand that moviegoers can make a historic investment and be a part of creating entertainment that is a national treasure.

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