dmLab, a top-notch global initiative designed to accelerate the development and new innovation technologies of Dentsu media Thailand joined “Techsauce Summit 2016”, one of the biggest tech conference in Asia-Pacific. Backed by the government policy, the tech conference aimed to promote tech startup ecosystem in Thailand and to encourage the sustainable growth and development. The event allowed attendees to get up-close with today’s futuristic and advanced innovative technologies.

Mr. Yoichi Niwa, Executive Coordinator of Dentsu media (Thailand) was pleased be one of the world-class speakers to share knowledge and technique on how to utilize data in AdTech world, and he also shared his insight on how to maximize digital innovation into the business in order to enhance competitiveness.


Mr. Yoichi Niwa, Executive Coordinator of Dentsu media (Thailand)

Mr. Niwa not only shared his knowledge and expertise but also presented digital innovative products to participants to get a glimpse of breakthrough technologies. The exceptional product is “Happy Meter” the brainwave measurement device, which applied neuroscience methods called Neuro Technology. The tool can react by detecting subconscious mind, emotions, thought patterns and activities based on brainwave analysis. This modern method of neuroscience analysis will help boost business in various ways such as strengthening healthcare and education sectors as well as improving human resources and advertising industries. With advanced technologies, consumers can now fully experience the real-time fulfillment of goods and services, which similarly match the ideal of “Measurable Happiness” instrument.


“Happy Meter”, a brainwave device, which applies neuroscience technology that reactions and commands derive from human thought patterns and emotions.

The today’s unavoidable trend is Big Data, as it taking a vital role in achieving business goals. Data Visualization has become an essential method, which helps consolidate complex data into one exemplifying and illustrative graphic. Interactive Data Visualization, in particular, is the key to helping users access some data and can simply and quickly compare it to other information. Visualization can provide accurate analytical results and give some useful insights.

At the events, dmLab also demonstrated the exceptional ingenious mobile robot phone “RoBoHoN”. Sharp Corporation has introduced a new smartphone called RoBoHoN, The humanoid robot has all basic mobile phone functions, which is operated by voice commands. RoBoHoN is a robotic companion, which employs voice and facial recognition as well as supports Wi-Fi and LTE networks. The 8-inch-tall robot phone comes with installed projector and can dance, walk, sit, read a book and reply a message for users. It can also alert notifications to users by raising its arms. Such innovation helps create substantial technological experiences to customers. Innovation engenders the highest effectiveness to users.


“RoBoHoN”, a robotic companion that can intelligently evaluate voice, commands, photos, messages and numbers into usage functions in various ways.

dmLab is a fast-expanding global initiative designed to accelerate the development and exploration of new technologies to build new experiences connecting people and brands. It provides innovative extraction of cutting-edge global technologies and helps generate opportunities for startups to experience and collaborate with the expert to push the boundaries. In addition, dmLab in Thailand is the center of the growing network across the globe. In this region, dmLab has launched also in Indonesia this week, and Vietnam and other countries will follow to provide services across the network.

Regarded as the most-attended tech conference in the region, it has attracted scores of foreign and Thai investors. The conference allowed attendees to explore the opportunities and met up with investors. Experts, investors and government officials also joined the conference to share their experiences and up-to-date information, which would help participants applying knowledge to their businesses. This know-how could provide some insights in the fast-paced digital world and Thai startups could be ready for business competitiveness in the regional arena like ASEAN Economic Community.

Techsauce Summit 2016” was organized by Techsauce Media Co., Ltd. The conference is the biggest tech conference in Thailand. It brought top investors, founders, government officials and media from all across the globe to the event to promote local startups and provide one-stop solutions. The summit was held at Centara Grand Convention Hall at Central World on 23-24 July 2016.

About dmLab

Dentsu media Laboratory (dmLab) is global initiative designed to accelerate the development and exploration of new technologies to build new experiences connecting people and brands. It is not only innovative extraction of cutting-edge global technologies, but also to generate opportunities for startups to experience and collaborate with expert to push the boundaries. dmLab's mandate is fully aligned with Dentsu Aegis Network’s philosophy of 'Good Innovation.' and to contribute back to the society by delivering result through innovative and creative technologies with the power of people. The ambition is to deploy world-class technologies in local context together with local business partners in each market.


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