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Finding Talent in Thailand: Techsauce's list of job portals

Within Thailand, there is a demand and need for specific talent and expertise with creative entrepreneurial attributes. It can be hard to find the right people, organizations and talented individuals that meet the job criteria.

TechSauce has concisely sourced the top sites and people for you to find exactly what sort of company and individuals you are looking for while also supplying you with a list of jobs if you are seeking for employment in these specific industries.

Startups / Marketing /Business sector: 

This section covers all the startups, marketing, and business professionals along with the top positions in Thailand.

Graphics / Designers /User experience design (UX):

This is a very niche and sought after sector with real talent needed. Below is a list of the top roles in this area of industry.


This is a desirable and well-needed profession, one in which it can be hard to find the right people. If you have the acquired experience and qualifications this is the best place to find a job in Thailand.


As more and more people enter the digital nomad sector, freelancers are becoming easier to find. This list helps you find Thailands most accessible freelancers and positions available.

Salary guide:

Thi guide ensures you gain the most varied information on the salaries catered to your market and industry. It's a good benchmark or reference for salary negotiations and guidelines for the Thai job sector. 

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