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Google: Thailand’s Ecosystem is Bold and Diverse

Google continues to see great opportunities for Thailand’s ecosystem to become a global hub.  

Techsauce had the opportunity to talk with Google for Startups APAC Partnership Manager Mike Kim on the future of Thailand’s ecosystems and the endless opportunities Thai startups have with Hubba and Google for Startups. 

What is the mission of Google for Startups?

To take the best of Google resources and give that back to startup communities around the world.  Google has amazing products, amazing talents, amazing resources and we want to leverage that and give that to founders and entrepreneurs all around the world. 

Any success stories?

So, we have over 60 partners globally, and we have many startups in the Google for Startup communities.  They go on to receive funding and global connections.  Many companies in our network want to go global and because we have partners from Europe, America, and in Asia, there is no other network that allows entrepreneurs to be able to travel or scale globally, then through Google for Startups. 

Why Thailand and why Hubba?

Thailand is one of the most exciting ecosystems, in the world not just in Asia. When we first came to Bangkok, we were looking for leaders that were passionate about giving back.  We were looking for an organization that was dedicated to support the young generation founders.  When we met Aim and the Hubba team, we realized they were doing this.  They were thinking everyday about how to improve the conditions for young entrepreneurs with passion and dedication.  So, we chose Hubba to be a partner with our Google for Startups in Bangkok.  

What do you feel about Thailand’s Startup Ecosystem?

I think it’s very diverse and has very bold thinking. One of the most unique things about Bangkok is it attracts founders from all over Asia and because of its geographic location, you’ll have for example investors from Singapore and engineers from India.  It is the meeting port for entrepreneurs to come together and build global products. So when we were looking at the ecosystem, we thought it was one of the best. 

What are some of the weaknesses startups needs to strengthen? 

I don’t think there is a weakness, but the ecosystem is still growing and it has a lot to offer to founders.  My hope is that moving forward, it will become a global hub.  I don’t want Bangkok just to be known as an Asian startup hub.  I think it has an opportunity to become a global hub and the more it opens its doors to founders around the world to learn about this ecosystems, the more people will learn about this ecosystem.  That will allow it to become a future global hub. 

How can Thai startups connect with Google for Startups?

Startups within Hubba’s network has an advantage because Hubba is a partner of Google for Startups.  We have an amazing program called “Google for Startups passport program” that allows any member of Hubba’s network to travel to any of our partners’ locations.  They can go to London, South Korea, Madrid, Sao Paulo, at any location or network, and participate in programs.  It’s a really unique program that gives the founders of Bangkok opportunities to go global within seconds. 

What is your vision for Google for Startups in Thailand?

My hope is like today, Hubba continues to open up these amazing operating spaces so that more founders can learn, be empowered, and be inspired to build the next generation of great companies. These spaces are really important because they allow founders to learn how to become entrepreneurs. While for young entrepreneurs, they are looking for mentorship and guidance. Every time I go to a Hubba location, I see people learning how to become an entrepreneur. Within a few years, they come back and mentor the next generation.  So, my hope is that moving forward Google for Startups and Hubba continue partnering together to inspire the next generation of great founders. 

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