Oriol Pujoldevall, Head of business development at energy web foundation gave a detailed look at the Blockchain framework that can help to revolutionize the industry at this year’s TechSauce global summit in Bangkok.

The old energy industry is getting more expensive and we need to find new ways of creating energy for renewable and financial gains. We need secure metering and a new way of sharing the data. This is where blockchain can step in and develop a framework of which companies can develop their energy plans.

There is a lot of Data accumulated from Facebook, User-generated data, and the energy industry which needs to be condensed and utilized. The beauty of blockchain is that it’s public but encrypted information which is locked by a key, therefore it is accessible but also secure. Blockchain plays a major role in this technology of energy data.

Blockchain can transform the future of energy bu putting everything in a streamlined ledger. The future will look much different from the solar space developing and renewable energies emerging.

How do we create centralized energy and blockchain for the consumers is a key question.

What we will have in the future is an autonomous way. Eventually we will have an Energy web foundation for all with Blockchain at its heart. Industries want to have an open source Blockchain: consensus, governance, core infrastructure and B2b trade.

The limit is endless with this new form of Blockchain application. With its Ecosystem development strategies it can revolutionize networks within the energy sector.

You need to work with the information which is condensed while operating into the platform of digitalization of the energy sector. By joining us you are in contact with the future applications which allow you to access the information and data that is collected in the energy field via technology which can progress your business and the industry as a whole forward.

 Startups looking for a presence in a developed or emerging ecosystem can connect with us and communicate their technology to everyone on the blockchain network. This will increase productivity and push new ventures forward. We are not talking about public test networks but a more in-depth corporates digital layer on top of the startups to be more aware.

For more information on the Energy Web Foundation and how they can benefit the energy industry head to https://energyweb.org/meet-the-team/


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