AI Startups Gear up! iFLYTEK x Techsauce Global Summit 2024 Startup Competition to Expand Your Business into the APAC Markets | Techsauce

AI Startups Gear up! iFLYTEK x Techsauce Global Summit 2024 Startup Competition to Expand Your Business into the APAC Markets

The current technology trend shows a rapidly growing interest in AI, which is quickly becoming a high-value industry. Generative AI, in particular, is significantly transforming how people live and work globally, with a clear tendency for further growth. It is anticipated that AI will become an essential tool in numerous organizations, aiding employees in their daily tasks and streamlining workflows.

iFLYTEK Leads the Way in Technology, Advancing into the Future

iFLYTEK is a well-known artificial intelligence and speech technology company that plays a crucial role in advancing speech and natural language processing (NLP) in China. The company develops cutting-edge tools and platforms for managing speech and natural language, including NLP technology and applications that enable enhanced translation and speech comprehension. These technologies have been widely adopted across diverse markets and industries, both domestically and globally, through services such as automatic translation, voice identification, speech recognition and more. iFLYTEK remains at the verge of generative AI innovation, focusing on creating new text content to answer user queries using Large Language Models (LLMs) that learn the characteristics, structure, and meaning of language found on the internet.

iFLYTEK x Techsauce Global Summit 2024 Startup Competition

This year, iFLYTEK is partnering with Techsauce Global Summit 2024: The World of Tomorrow with AI, the premier tech conference in Southeast Asia, to organize an AI Startup Competition. This is an unparalleled opportunity for your startup to showcase groundbreaking AI solutions and potentially gain a foothold in the thriving Chinese market, along with a grand prize of over 10,000 Singapore dollars. Join us on August 8th, 2024, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center for this exciting event.

Apply now before July 14th at LINK

Startups eligible to participate in the competition include:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Startups utilizing AI/ML technologies in areas such as natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision and data analysis.

2. Language Technology: Startups focusing on language-related technologies, such as translation services, language learning platforms, text analysis tools and linguistic research.

3. Educational Technology (EdTech): Startups developing innovative educational tools, language learning applications, virtual tutoring platforms or AI solutions for education.

4. Healthcare Technology: Startups working on AI-powered healthcare solutions, such as medical diagnosis, telemedicine platforms as well as health data analysis tools.

5. Smart Hardware: AI Startups creating smart speakers, wearable gadgets with voice recognition capabilities or Internet of Things (IoT) products incorporating AI technology.

6. Accessibility Technology: Startups focused on accessibility solutions for people with disabilities, such as assistive communication devices, audio-haptic technology or technology for the visually impaired, emphasizing diverse technologies.

7. Smart City and IoT: Startups working on IoT solutions for urban environments, intelligent transportation systems, environmental monitoring or public safety solutions.

8. Fintech: Startups developing AI-powered financial services, including fraud detection systems, chatbot-based banking solutions, etc.

Why is the iFLYTEK Startup Competition an intriguing opportunity?

1. Access to the APAC Markets: As a well-known technology company in China, iFLYTEK offers a unique gateway to the market. Winning this competition opens doors for your startup to explore the APAC markets and connect with potential partners, investors and customers.

2. Elevate Your Brand Profile: Gaining recognition from iFLYTEK elevates your brand's profile and credibility in both domestic and international markets, benefiting from association with a respected and established industry leader.

3. Networking Opportunities: Network with fellow startups, industry experts, and potential partners during the competition. Foster meaningful connections that can enhance your startup's growth in ASEAN and beyond.

4. Fundraising and Investment Opportunities: Gain access to funding opportunities and investment networks that can help scale your startup.

5. Co-Marketing Opportunities with iFLYTEK

Startups interested in joining the iFLYTEK x Techsauce Global Summit 2024 Startup Competition can apply now until July 14th at LINK to open up opportunities for your business and expand into the Chinese market, along with cash prizes and numerous opportunities from iFLYTEK's partners.

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