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Nissan: Driving the Future of Mobility

The talk “Driving the Future of Mobility” given by Vincent Wijnen, Senior Vice President of Nissan Asia & Oceania region at Blognone Tomorrow event delves into the future of the automobile industry and Nissan’s innovative solutions.

Great engineering is at the heart of the cars that Nissan build. Cars are intricate systems that have been transformed with the help of advanced technology. The future looks bright, with technology reaching an unprecedented milestone of cars steering directly into carparks with assistance from advance software systems. In short, Technology can assure that your drive will reach your destination safely and comfortably.

Likewise, many tech companies that were founded two or three decades ago, most of them never imagined entering the automobile industry. These tech companies help to create a whole different landscape. With the introduction of these tech companies as new partners. The role of cars in society has been changed and is still changing.

A car has evolved to become more than a tool that brings you from Point A to B. It becomes an extension and expression of people’s lifestyles.

These changes are driven by technological environments but are also affected by the increasing demands of Millennials.

By 2020, 40% of all consumers will be Millennials, and these people can be called digital makers. Millennials in South East Asia are the most connected mobile phone users in the world. Thai people spend on average of 3 hours and 10 mins per day on social media. This is only just behind Philippines, Brazil and Indonesia.

When we drive or when we are being driven, everyone expects to be connected. Nissan is committed towards providing an enjoyable driving experience for all by building meaningful connections with the people and their vehicles.

Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Programme

It is their business solution for the automobile industry with the focus on 3 aspects, Intelligent Power, Intelligent Driving and Intelligent Integration.

Intelligent power focuses on improving the power traits from conventional fuel engines, by shifting to sustainable engines utilizing electric and hydrogen-based systems. Intelligent driving is all the technologies that make driving safer and more enjoyable. Intelligent integration is integrating a car into society for individuals that would best benefit from driving it.

Nissan is dedicated to making technology available to as many people as possible. This means that they not just incorporate the technologies that are developing under the Nissan Intelligent Mobility programme into Thailand and expensive vehicles. They want to make it available across all the motor services out there. This will allow as many people as possible to benefit from their technologies in the future, Nissan calls it the Monetization technology.

Electric Vehicle

While there are challenges for their machine infrastructure, the underlying demand for Nissan’s electric vehicle is already there. Driving electrification is part of Nissan’s mid-term plan. E-Power is a technology that Nissan developed, it gives people the full electrical driving experience but without the need to charge because the charging is done through a small gasoline engine.

The electrification mobility is not just about creating a more sustainable future, it’ not just about keeping cities like Bangkok and Manila habitable, Electrification is about opening up a world of opportunities.

Future of Mobility

Nissan seeks to provide people with the best of both worlds, having the flexibility to choose between being driven and driving the car.

Pro-Pilot Assist is Nissan’s technology that helps achieve autonomous driving. It supports safe and easy to drive workload by using advance processing technology. Pro-pilot system is when a user wishes to park their car, they simply select an empty parking slot and the car moves by itself in a fully-autonomous fashion.

The future of mobility also includes connecting your brain to the power source, the world's first system of its kind. The vehicle has a device that measures the brainwaves of the driver to give a better and much more enjoyable ride.

With technology taking centre stage. The future looks bright for autonomous vehicles as Autonomous and self-driving will continue to go together hand-in-hand.

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