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This Thai Edtech startup want to use Open AI's GPT3 to help jobless talents to work in tech

Adaptivity announced the closing of their pre-seed funding round which they had raised over 100,000 USD. The round was mostly funded by angels, largely executives in the education and human resources industry. With this initial capital, Adaptivity’s goal is to advance the AI-powered Personalized Upskilling Platform (PUP) and driving digital skills upwards by accompanying people from Digital Discovery to Digital Employability.


The speed of tech altered the traditional view companies had on human resources management. Due to technology moving forward quickly, companies have to fight for finding and hiring talent. Talents also have to continually learn new things to respond to these new careers that are appearing every year. This problem is commonly referred to as the Digital Skills Gap. There is now an imbalance between demand and supply. The Demand is ever-increasing while supply is not catching up as fast, widening the Digital Divide.

The seemingly simplest solution is to bring more talents to this industry. The usual suspects, schools, and universities are still operating as they always have, resulting in a clash between rapidly evolving skills and time-consuming programs. Graduates end up being unprepared to interview and struggle to find employment within the Digital Economy.

Other actors are trying to make this world more accessible. However, the digital economy is not crystal-clear. It is opaque, obscure, and sometimes seems out of reach for most people. Through career mentorship and personalized upskilling (Digital Adaptivity Mentorship and Personalized Learning Plan), Adaptivity wants to pioneer a new pathway guiding and empowering people to become Digitally Employable.


Amidst the pandemic, Adaptivity created the Adaptivity Mentorship Program, an original mentorship framework to direct people towards the many different jobs and opportunities of this digital world. Through this new framework, Adaptivity has successfully brought people from traditional jobs to positions within this new economy.

From the hundreds of hours of mentorship and the thousands of people that took its assessments, Adaptivity has identified the 7 Digital Skills Archetypes encompassing every single job existing in this economy. Each archetype has specificities that we can use to match with people’s natural tendencies and inclinations to find everyone’s fit.

Leveraging on these Digital Skills Archetypes, Adaptivity’s product generates Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP is a learning path tailored to the mentee's training preferences, interests, and career goals with curated content from a wide variety of sources, including YouTube videos, blogs articles, and online courses making it more relevant than ever to reskill or upskill.

While being a developer is certainly in demand and is a key component of tech teams everywhere, not everyone is cut out to be a programmer. There are a plethora of other technology jobs that are in strong demand ranging from Product Owners, UX Researchers to Content Marketers which could fit individuals better.


The company is also exploring Artificial Intelligence and its benefits for mentoring and education by enabling talents to have access to personalized mentoring via a chatbot interface accessible on their devices.

Adaptivity wants to create an AI mentor capable of identifying your background, interests, archetype, and answers relevant questions regarding education, simply by having a conversation.


Giving everyone access to digital employability will need more than one company and a pre-seed round to materialize at scale. We are hopeful, big things always start from somewhere. This time a new category of AI-powered personalized upskilling has started in Asia, from a multicultural team composed of French & Thai nationalities.

Leveraging Technology is the key to render education and employment accessible to anyone.

The education industry has seen the first wave of disruption in the 2010s but failed to solve the digital divide at scale. Adaptivity’s vision is to bring more personalization into the learning experience to optimize success for millions of individuals who are looking into acquiring new skills and do not know how to get started.

Additionally, the speed of tech makes it impossible for people to learn a skill and use it for many years, company are now looking for Adaptive talents that are not only knowing but also able to embrace lifelong learning.

- Rémi Mouton, Adaptivity’s Co-Founder & CEO

With this first funding round, the company is working with its new stakeholders to develop and launch this new product on Public Beta, enhance the delivery operations of its clients and facilitate expansion into new markets.

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