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From AI to IA: Empowering Humans with Pattie Maes’s Vision

Nowadays, technology and innovation are advancing rapidly, increasing work efficiency and convenience. This is especially true for Artificial Intelligence or “AI”, a groundbreaking innovation that is transforming the world and being developed to surpass human capabilities.

While digital technology and various devices allow us to access global information at our fingertips, the intelligence of these computer programs can be a double-edged sword because these technologies often fail to fully utilize human potential.

Pattie Maes, a researcher and professor at MIT Media Lab, recognized the importance of this issue. She and her team of experts have been conducting research to support human potential through digital technology. She is also the mind behind several significant global technologies.

Top researcher behind Software innovations

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If we're talking about one of the world's leading female researchers in technology and innovation, Pattie Maes would definitely be on the list. Some of Pattie's notable works include pioneering the Software Agents Group at the Media Laboratory to develop Intelligent Agents, founding Firefly Networks, participating in the SixthSense prototype in 2009 related to AR (Augmented Reality) technology, the Collaborative Filtering project in 1994, and the Remembrance Agent (Wearable version) in 1997.

From AI Technology to IA for Humans

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Pattie Maes's interest in Intelligent Augmentation stemmed from her observation that while technology and smartphones provide quick access to global information, they also hinder decision-making, learning and analysis processes, as well as impact health negatively.

Therefore, Pattie shifted her focus from developing AI technology to match or surpass human capabilities to developing Intelligence Augmentation or "IA" to improve human well-being, enhance our productivity and learning efficiency. Her research in this area has spanned over 30 years, with research and testing of IA devices aimed at promoting and developing human potential significantly, including critical thinking, memory, attention, motivation, emotional regulation, behavioral change, creative skills and even improving sleep quality.

Smartphones put the world's information at our fingertips

AR & ubiquitous computing makes it smoother.

But how can digital systems help us thrive?

The Challenge of Developing Limitless Technology

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Pattie Maes founded the Fluid Interfaces research group at MIT Media Lab to research and test devices suitable for everyday use. The research incorporates knowledge from neuroscience with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, Real-time Sensing and Modeling, and Physiology Movement Location to develop devices that are designed and tested with real users in order to obtain more accurate results.

Some interesting examples of their work include Dormio (Targeted Dream Incubation), Fascia Smart Sleep Mask, AttentiveU, SleepStim and PsychicVR. These projects demonstrate the fluid integration of technology and knowledge from various fields. In the future, we may see even more impressive technological devices that help enhance our skills in all areas.

We build & test devices that sense and model the user,

and provide real-time interventions for optimization.

It helps improve learning and well-being.  

The Core of Design is to Create Benefits for Users

Pattie's work demonstrates a strong commitment to developing technology for the ultimate benefit of humanity. She emphasizes design and real-world testing with users, incorporating their insights and behaviors into her research. Pattie hopes her research will stimulate positive changes in the technology industry, focusing on improving lives and fostering sustainable learning.

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