Techsauce LIVE: Everything Mobile at the Thailand Mobile Summit | Techsauce

Techsauce LIVE: Everything Mobile at the Thailand Mobile Summit

We're live from the Royal Orchid Sheraton in Bangkok for the Thailand Mobile Summit organized by Bangkok Entrepreneurs. With speakers from companies like Tesco, dtac, Facebook, Instagram, HP, Ebay and Microsoft on topics like Mobile Analytics to Mobile Engagement, Mobile Commerce to Mobile Payments, Mobile Apps to Mobile Devices, we'll be bringing you the best photos, tweets and quotes from the day!


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An Overview of KBTG Vision 2025: Striving to be the Best Regional Human-First Organization

KBTG hosts an open house to reveal its vision for 2025, inviting everyone to experience the future of finance and technology.Announces its goal to be the best tech organization in ...

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KBTG Fellowship:When Technology Alone Isn't Enough without Education

KBGT became the first Thai company to become a Research Partner with MIT Media Lab, announcing its fellowship program "KBTG Fellowship" and was granted to Mr. Phat Phatthanuthaporn...

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Kubix Destiny Tokens Give Fans Opportunity to Invest in BuppeSanNivas 2

DESTINY tokens can be ordered on the Kubix application from May 23, 2022 onwards. It is the first digital token to be made available for order on the platform....