Did you know that one of Southeast Asia's largest-scale tech conferences is now being hosted annually in Bangkok, Thailand? Not everyone knows that, in part because the conference is just five years old. But within those five years, Thailand's largest startup conference has experienced phenomenal growth. This year - after rebranding as Techsauce Global Summit 2017, as well as SEA's first ever global-scale tech conference, the event is now targeting over 6000 participants.

Techsauce Summit 2016 instantly became the biggest international paid tech conference ever to be organized in Thailand, generating more than 10 million impressions of media coverage

It may have begun under the name Start It Up Conference in 2012 with just 120 attendees - but when the conference rebranded and was organized under the name Techsauce Summit for the first time in 2016, it managed to attract more than 3,000 attendees to Bangkok's Centara Grand Convention centre. Techsauce Summit instantly became the biggest international paid tech conference ever to be organized in Thailand, generating more than 10 million impressions of media coverage and even a report from Forbes, who quickly headlined that Techsauce Summit's ability to draw thousands signaled Thailand's fast-growing tech ecosystem.

[Techsauce Summit's] ability to draw thousands signals Thailand's growing tech ecosystem. - Forbes, July 2016

In short, here's Techsauce Summit 2016 in numbers (infographic below):

  • Techsauce Summit began in 2012 & is Thailand’s first tech startup event
  • The event quickly scaled from 120 to 3500 attendees within just 5 years
  • Techsauce Summit - formerly titled “Start It Up” Conference and now rebranded as "Techsauce Global Summit" in 2017 - remains Thailand’s largest & fastest-growing paid startup conference
  • Over 100 big enterprises & corporates joined Techsauce Summit 2016.
  • The event was attended by at least 200 local, regional & global media
  • More than 200 VCs joined the event, including Y Combinator, Techstars, 500startups & Life.SredaVC, etc
  • The conference featured keynotes by 150+ speakers, CEOs & leading minds in the global startup industry
  • Participants of over 20 different nationalities joined the conference, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia, India, UK and the US
  • Techsauce Summit featured multiple Vertical stages showcasing the latest tech trends, including a Startup 101 stage, SME business solutions stage and slow dating with investors
  • It has quickly become a regional-level conference in Asia whose global quality rivals similar events in Singapore and Hong Kong, entering as one of the newest players on the global stage

Don't miss this year's gathering. Come see for yourself and be part of the hype at Techsauce Global Summit 2017 in Bangkok on July 28-29, 2017!

Being extremely passionate about what we do, we hope that every conference is going to be better than the last, and we propose to offer better value each year than the last.

What do you have to look forward to this year? Find out right here: https://techsauce.co/en/event/techsauce-global-summit/meet-techsauce-summit-2017/, here and here.

Like what you see? Reserve your spot at this year's gathering! >>> https://www.eventpop.me/e/1369-techsauce


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