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The Reason Why Startups Need a Booth At Techsauce Global Summit 2020

The Reason Why Startups Need a Booth At Techsauce Global Summit 2020

We are sure many of you have a lot of questions about Teachsauch Global Summit 2020 and are in the process of deciding whether to attend the event or not. This article will address any concerns you may have and also provide you with information on how to book a Startup booth. This year at Techsauce we have up our game and the event is on an even grander scale than it was last year, with more stages and double the number of participants. The theme this year is ‘Social Impact’, the use of technology in resolving problems in society. Over the last few years, we have presented Technology from various different perspectives to show that Technology is not only just about Tech but is also about human beings as there are many problems in our current society that have not been addressed.

For this year not only will the main stage discuss technology, we will also present to you technology that brings value to society as well. In addition to the main stage, in this year's event, Techsauch will be bringing you a worldwide wealth of knowledge on selected hot topics that are currently of major interest and popularity, for example, Company Culture, Hybridge Intelligence, Case study of 5G, GovTech and Diversity. We will be discussing the issue of how technology has become immersed in our daily lives and presenting various Case Studies that are new and interesting, starting with various industrial sectors such as FinTech, HealthTech, FABTech (Food/Agri/Biotech), Entertainment/ Fashion/ E-Sport/ Music. Furthermore, we will go deep into the Technology of well-known businesses such as AI/Data, Blockchain, EnergyTech/CleanTech/AutoTech, Smart City/ Living tech/ Travel tech. All of this and much more will be on show as we continue to bring you the best experiences this year.

With the event being on a bigger scale than the previous year, together with the wide ranging theme of technology for society and how it can respond to current situations that are facing many problems, this is an important opportunity for Startups to utilise this event to introduce their products and services to worldwide journalist, investors, and participants whose numbers have increased significantly together with the scale of the event. Together with a bigger event, there will also be a wealth of knowledge presented by world-renowned people in the Startup industry, both local and from overseas. You may even find yourself a partner or clients both locally and internationally who can help develop and grow your business in a steady manner in the future. With limited space, here are the reasons why startups should get a booth.

Book your exhibition booth now at 

1. The chance to show off to investors, foreign media

Finding the right platform to meet the right people is the ultimate challenge for startups.  We guarantee that Techsauce Global Summit 2020 will be a summit that will give you that platform to become known to the world, whether it be customers, investors, and potential partners.  They are ready to meet you at the summit so get ready to show everyone what you have to offer! 

2. Meet with giant corporations and organizations from various sectors.

In addition to getting a booth of your own, you will rub shoulders with leading corporations and organizations from various sectors.

3. The chance to get funding and be a part of leading accelerators.

Startups that have joined the Techsauce Global Summit in the past all agree that it is not like any other summit. Other than promoting your products and business, you will meet investors from various sectors.  Many startups have received funding with booths that has allowed them to scale up to a further stage.  Our secret sauce is our business matching session that helps you meet with investors one-on-one through scheduled meetings.  You will also get a chance to join leading accelerator programs to further your capabilities and knowledge.

4. The chance to meet new startups and partners from overseas and expand your network in Asia.

Other than getting funding to scale up your business, having a partner that understands and has the same vision as you is important.  At this summit startups have the opportunity to share ideologies and ideas.  At Techsauce Global Summit is a hotspot for startups in Thailand.  Techsauce has already received interest from startups from overseas.  This is a chance for startups to build new connections that could lead to new markets. Don’t wait too long to open up and learn more from others at the summit.

5. Reserve a premium booth at a great price that gives you Exhibitor passes!

Here is a look at what you will get with a booth reservation.

  • Startup booth inside the exhibition hall area (1.5 x 1.5 m.) priced at 13,900 Baht / Day
  • Startup booth outside the exhibition hall area (1.5 x 1.5 m.) priced at 13,900 Baht / Day

What you will get:

  • 2 Complimentary passes for two days (with access to the conference, exhibition zone, and business matching)
  • Multi-Function Counter (W 1.00 D 0.60 x H 0.75 M) with Built-in electrical outlet)
  • Electrical Outlet
  • Artwork Size 1.50 x 2.00 m.
  • Free wifi for 2 users

Book your exhibition booth now at:

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

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